2 million children of migrant workers

More than 2 million children of migrant workers in China are unable to enroll in public primary or junior schools in the cities where their parents live, according to a report.

The Blue Book of Migrant Children, released last Tuesday by the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that only 80% of migrant children who qualify for nine-year compulsory education as of 2014 could attend public schools where their parents live.

Others had to turn to private schools or ones set up specifically for migrant workers' children, which are usually poorly constructed and of low educational quality.

Data presented by the report showed that China's migrant population reached 247 million in October 2015, and the number of their children - migrant children and left-behind children - totaled about 100 million.

The report said a lack of family guidance has also affected the children's growth.

It said parents have high expectations of their children but could not provide sufficient support for them, and that they pay more attention to the resultsinstead of process.

The government should narrow the gap between investment in urban and rural education and spare no effort in providing a balance, said Lu Jianfei, a professor at Shanghai Normal University who led the research.

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