· 7 Chinese auto companies listed on the Forbes Global 2000

According to the latest release of the 2016 Forbes Global Enterprise 2000 list, among the many car companies, the most eye-catching is Toyota, which has a steady sales of $235.8 billion and a profit of $19.3 billion. Brother's chair, and ranked tenth in the global corporate rankings. The Chinese auto company on the list is one less than last year. Brilliance has fallen, but five of the seven listed companies have risen sharply.
The 29 listed companies are as follows:
1. Toyota; 2. Volkswagen; 3. Daimler; 4. Ford; 5. General; 6. BMW; 7. Honda; 8. Nissan; 9. Modern; 10. SAIC; 11. Renault; ; 13. Kia; 14. Fuji Heavy Industry; 15. Peugeot; 16. Suzuki; 17. Fiat Chrysler; 18. Dongfeng; 19. Mazda; 20. Porsche; 21. Isuzu; 22. BYD; 23; Changan; 24. Great Wall ; 25. Ma Hengda; 26. Beiqi; 27. Mitsubishi; 28. Guangzhou Automobile; 29. ​​Tesla.
The standard on the list, Forbes, uses the FactSet research system to screen out the list of the world's top 2000 companies based on four indicators, namely operating income, profit, assets and market capitalization. The market value is calculated as the closing price as of April 22, 2016, covering all Ordinary shares issued.
Forbes first counts the four indicators of the 2000 list of companies: operating income, profit, assets and market capitalization. Each indicator must meet a minimum amount of the list: operating income of 4.9 billion US dollars, profit of 247 million US dollars, assets of 8.72 billion US dollars and market value of 4.92 billion US dollars. A company needs to meet at least one metric to be on the global top 2000 list.
In 2016, a total of 3,400 companies were on the list of four indicators. In each of the indicators, Forbes scored the list based on the rankings. If the company's indicator is lower than the lowest list, it will receive zero points. In the end, Forbes added all the scores of each of the four indicators of each company and sorted them according to the final score. The higher the score, the higher the ranking. This list of standards also explains why some well-known and large companies are not on the list.
Five Chinese car companies ranked first in the automotive industry, and the top three were still Toyota, Volkswagen Group and Daimler, and their rankings remained unchanged. Toyota's revenue in 2015 was $235.8 billion, and its profit was $19.3 billion, which was higher than Volkswagen's $7.1 billion, less than Volkswagen's $246.2 billion in revenue. The 4th to 7th pattern changed dramatically, and Ford went up three places and once again ranked fourth. GM upgraded one place, BMW and Honda went down two places. China still only has SAIC in the top ten of the car, but has not entered the top 100 of the total list.
Among the Chinese automakers, the top ones in 2016 were SAIC (120), Dongfeng (509), BYD (721), Changan (795), Great Wall (796), and Beiqi (987). Guangzhou Automobile (1099). Brilliance, which entered the list in 2015, fell out of the list this year. Although Guangzhou Automobile is the last one among Chinese car companies, its ranking has risen the most, which is 1099 of the total list this year. It has already entered the top 1000 of the total rankings. SAIC ranked 10th in the uptrend, which is closer to the top 100 in the total list. Dongfeng Motor has increased its ranking by 33 places in 2015, Changan has increased its ranking by 90, and BYD has increased its ranking by 316.


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