A full-length 80-meter shield machine worth 45 million yuan will debut in Shenyang next year.

It is expected that orders will be received in the second half of this year, and Shenyang's shield machine will be brave at the beginning of next year.

Shenyang City will use the longest-lasting shield machine, one device can dig 10 kilometers, and the same equipment that used Japanese technology before, the minimum life expectancy is only a few kilometers to be scrapped.

At the 2006 Shenyang International Metro, Light Rail and Urban Transport Exhibition held on March 29th, as the necessary weapon for Shenyang Metro - the manufacturer of the shield machine - Shenyang Weite Medium Tunnel Engineering Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., first disclosed The detailed parameters of the Shenyang Shield Machine, its simulation model is also shown to the public for the first time.

In the center exhibition area of ​​the exhibition, Yuan Quanlong, an expert of the company's technical department, pointed to a 4m shield machine model and told reporters: "The shield machine in Shenyang next year is like this."

Previously, because of the subway design and engineering planning and many other reasons, the shield machine that can make holes in the ground of the Shenyang subway line has always been covered with a mysterious veil. Curious citizens can only see a picture that looks like through the media. This time I finally saw a 1:20 simulation model made entirely of real machines. Many people looked around the big guy who was said to be worth tens of millions of dollars, but in the end he couldn’t imagine it could be as wide as the road. Big hole, actually does not affect traffic?

Yuan Quanlong told reporters that the shield machine that will appear on the Shenyang subway site next year will be nearly 80 meters long, 6.28 meters in diameter and weighing more than 490 tons. The estimated price is about 45 million yuan. Different from the ordinary shield machine, this kind of machine for repairing Shenyang subway is designed as “earth pressure balance shield machine” because of the special geological structure of Shenyang. At present, two-thirds of the equipment needs to be imported from Germany, and the rest is made in Shenyang.

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