Analysis of Technical Specifications of Smart IC Card Water Meter

The smart IC card water meter is generally used indoors, so its use environment is not high. Only this type of water meter is generally placed close to the kitchen, so there is a problem of preventing moisture erosion and fume pollution. These problems are not difficult to solve now. Water vapor prevention can generally meet the requirements as long as reasonable sealing techniques are used. And to prevent smoke pollution, as long as the IC card deck to do some technical processing such as adding dust cover, etc. can be resolved. The following analysis of several important technical indicators.

1, battery life indicator. This is an important indicator. The gas meter does not solve this problem well. Some gas meters require the user to replace the battery for several months. This is unscientific. The current low-power design scheme has enabled a smart IC card water meter to increase its battery life to eight or even 10 years. If you reach this level, it will be very convenient for users and the water supply department. Of course, the service life of the mechanical metering part and the electrical appliance control part of the water meter should be higher. After replacing the battery, it should be possible to continue using it for a longer period of time.

2, the entire table service life. The service life of the entire watch is a question worth exploring. Because the service life of the entire watch is theoretically determined by the device with the shortest lifetime. So, what is the shortest device life? According to national standards, this device is a water meter, but in fact, the service life of the water meter far exceeds the number of years specified by the national standard. It can be seen that this standard is not reasonable. Judging from the current actual manufacturing conditions, it is reasonable to expect manufacturers to have a life expectancy of 6 years. However, in fact, it is entirely possible that the service life of smart IC card water meters exceeds 10 years.

3, anti-moisture and sealing performance indicators. The sealing problem has already been mentioned above. As long as the electrical part of the sealed solution, coupled with some measures to prevent moisture, to achieve more than 85% of the technical indicators should be no problem. Anti-vibration performance index. Water meters encounter vibration problems during transportation and installation. So consider this indicator. In general it is sufficient to reach a level of 1g.

4, physical damage indicators. In general, as long as good integrity of the shell protection measures are adopted, the protective requirements can generally be met. Of course, the water meter using the IC card is a part that is vulnerable to attack. This is an unsolvable problem. Therefore, we must consider the software protection process, so that the attack on the card seat is of little significance, even if the card seat is broken, does not affect the normal work of other parts of the IC card water meter. However, from the actual use of the situation, this problem is not serious. Because the IC card water meter is generally installed in the user's home, the use of a clear object, and the water meter is the user's property, there is no special reason, the user will not attack the instrument. Unrestricted enhancement of the instrument's resistance to attack cannot be considered. Instead, deliberate acts of vandalism can be identified and punished accordingly.

5, anti-electromagnetic interference indicators. Electromagnetic interference is not an important indicator. The home environment rarely encounters conditions above the 2000 volt electrostatic field. The normal use of electromagnetic wave intensity is not likely to reach the intensity that will harm people and other electronic products, so this indicator is set at 2000 volts is enough.

6, anti-freezing technical indicators. The problem of freezing prevention is mainly a matter of storage and use. For example, in the freezing temperature zone, it is necessary to perform drainage treatment to prevent ice from rising. This is obviously a management problem. Temperatures below zero do not have to take into account the use of the water meter because the water is frozen and cannot be metered. However, during transport and storage, temperatures of well below zero may be encountered and this needs to be considered. The value of this reasonable indicator should be in the range of -25 degrees to +50 degrees. The water meter should not be frozen in this range. When the temperature returns to normal temperature, the water meter should be able to work normally.

Conclusion: With the continuous development of science and technology, smart IC card water meter will continue to develop and improve. For example, the current mode of signal acquisition on an old-fashioned water meter will be replaced by an advanced water flow signal extraction device, mechanical measurement and mechanical display will be eliminated, and the meter and valve will be integrated in one. In general, the smart IC card water meter is an advanced metering instrument. The large-scale promotion and use of such advanced instrumentation will effectively promote the modernization of water supply management in China. China's advanced development in this area will give priority to perfecting this measurement model, and it may become a competitive product of China to export to other countries.

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