Application of Soil Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Soil Water Management of Watermelon Cultivation

In the process of cultivating watermelon, the fertilizer and water in the soil are difficult to grasp. In terms of fertilizer and moisture, the fertilizer is still relatively easy to grasp, because the soil in addition to the type of fertilizer, there is an indicator of the amount of application can be followed. As for soil moisture, only measures such as “small water”, “big water”, “pervious” are generally proposed, and there is no limit to the amount of watering management, which depends entirely on experience. With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, the use of soil temperature and humidity recorders to determine the soil, thus managing according to the recorded data, this is a more scientific and reasonable way.

We believe that this is a valuable reference for the production of watermelons in China and is briefly described below. Watermelons are more drought-tolerant crops that require more water. In the seedling stage or when transplanting seedlings, take less water, or even not water, in order to form a more developed root system. Since then, with the growth of the plant, the water requirement of the watermelon has also increased, but before the flowering and fruit setting, it is mostly to control the water to prevent leggy and promote fruit setting. During fruit enlargement period, sufficient water supply should be ensured so as to promote rapid fruit growth. Water is no longer watered until about 10 days before fruit ripening to ensure sugar accumulation and quality of fruit. It is estimated that the cumulative water absorption of each watermelon from the seedlings to the fruit is about 200 liters, and the water absorption capacity of the watermelons per 1000 meters is 200 tons.

When the fruit is close to maturity, if the soil moisture content is large, the fruit growth is large, but the sugar accumulation is reduced and the quality is poor. Under the conditions of multi-layered greenhouse cultivation, when watermelon seedlings are colonized with too much water, their root groups are shallowly distributed, and their ability to withstand cold is weakened. The root system should be dried to allow the root system to extend deeper into the soil. The PF value at the initial stage of water management after planting was 2.1, and it should be made dry before flowering. The PF value should be 2.3. In the early stage of fruit enlargement, the soil moisture can be increased. The PF value is preferably 20-2.2. The fruit enlarges quickly and the fruit size increases.

The determination of soil moisture in watermelon field by soil temperature and humidity recorders, according to the strength of the plant growth potential, application of liquid fertilizer is also good for fruit enlargement. Watering should be carried out on a sunny morning, 7-10 days before fruit harvesting. Care should be taken to prevent secondary fruit enlargement to avoid cracking. The PF value is 2.5. The soil hygrometer is buried deep in the ground 20 cm.

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