·Beijing Dongcheng District will adjust the parking fee to reduce the car rate

By adjusting the current differentiated parking charging scheme, the cost of car use in the central city will increase. This is what the reporter learned from the “Working Measures for the Decomposition of Key Tasks of the Clean Air Action Plan for the 2013-2017 Dongcheng District”. According to the requirements, the air quality improvement target of Dongcheng District this year is that the annual average concentration of PM2.5 will decrease by about 5%.
As early as the National People's Congress in March this year, there was news that the parking space shortage area would be adjusted again. Li Shixiang, the deputy mayor of Beijing, once revealed that there is indeed a problem of unsettled parking, insufficient parking resources, and unreasonable parking prices in Beijing. Generally speaking, for the parking management in Beijing, we must adhere to differentiation and expand supply. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen management; on the other hand, it must be acknowledged that parking spaces in Beijing are indeed lacking. Therefore, starting this year, we must continue to increase investment in this area. Some areas where there is a shortage of parking spaces are subject to price adjustment. Some areas, such as underground parking garages, are available, but the car does not go down, which means that there are both price and management issues.
In the Clean Action Plan of Dongcheng District, Dongcheng proposed to increase the cost of using vehicles and reduce the intensity of vehicle use this year. According to Beijing's differentiated parking fee adjustment and optimization plan, it will guide the reduction of vehicle use intensity in the central city and strengthen the static management of motor vehicles.
In order to ensure the realization of this year's air quality improvement target, this year, Dongcheng District will also reduce the use of coal by about 15,000 households through shantytown renovation, simple building renovation, and coal-to-clean energy, and ban all coal sales points in the area according to law. Realize no coal in the core area of ​​the city. To withdraw from polluting enterprises that do not conform to the capital's functional positioning, ensure that 113 industrial enterprises that should withdraw from the market will not rebound before the end of the year, and at the same time carry out the management of volatile organic compounds in key industries such as automobile manufacturing, packaging and printing, furniture manufacturing, machinery and electronics, and reduce volatile organic compounds. 11 tons. The normal use rate of catering enterprises and unit canteens is no less than 95%, and “zero tolerance” is imposed on illegal activities such as open-air barbecue.
In view of the dust on the construction site, the green construction inspection and assessment will be carried out every month, and the law will be notified to the law enforcement inspections every month. The construction of illegal construction and construction units will reduce the dustfall by about 20%.

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