Beijing promotes 45 new technologies and materials

After detailed investigation and evaluation by the relevant expert groups in Beijing, 14 projects have recently obtained the certificate of “Beijing Urban and Rural Construction New Technology and New Materials Promotion and Application Project”. Together with the first two batches of recommended projects, a total of 45 projects were promoted.

The 14 projects that obtained the certificate are: aluminum-plastic composite pressure pipe, PP-R pipe fittings for water supply, Knight aluminum-plastic composite pipe, plastering gypsum application technology, Sol brand natural stone powder decorative coating, PVC-U pipe fittings for building drainage, LL550 cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, cold-rolled ribbed steel welded nets, high-rise residential cast-in-place concrete external wall insulation system, Ruidi brand low-temperature floor radiant heating complete sets of technology and equipment, steel bar Pressure connection equipment and supporting equipment, steel sleeves, cold-rolled ribbed steel and other strong straight thread connection technology, red mud plastic alloy waterproof membrane, Zhubang tile adhesive.

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The first two batches of projects are: Jinglong acrylic series interior and exterior wall coating, fiber reinforced polystyrene exterior insulation composite wall, AH series construction adhesive, BW waterstop, Zhongba series adhesive, plastering plaster series, YJ construction adhesive Joint series, YJ concrete interface treatment agent series, Jianbang brand construction adhesive, GZL-40 type steel taper thread machine tool and connecting sleeve, GS-40 type steel extrusion joint machine, EAH insulated aluminum window, high density wooden molded door , buckled thin-walled steel (KBG) conduit series products, steel-wood security doors, steel mesh lightweight core panels and mounting brackets; JI arc welding machine anti-shock protectors, residential kitchen and bathroom transformers common exhaust ducts, steel mesh Frame sandwich panel, tamping base concrete pile, G-TO combination steel formwork system, and Hong brand ST11 spherical heating three-way adjustment lock seal valve, hard PVC pipe and pipe fittings for building drainage, polybutylene hot and cold water pipe, Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe, low-pressure fluid transportation lining plastic aluminum alloy composite pipe, Yatong brand construction and drainage hard PVC pipe fittings, Yatong brand PVC flame retardant electrical casing and accessories Up to now, 45 projects in Beijing have been awarded the “Beijing Urban and Rural Construction New Technology and New Materials Promotion and Application Project Certificate.

According to the requirements of the documents of the Municipal Construction Committee, this work will be reviewed and awarded in batches and in batches every year, and the recommended projects that have been certified will be dynamically managed. During the validity period of the certificate, if the quality of the product declines and the performance does not meet the requirements of the relevant standards or the quality of the project, the project will be disqualified, the certificate will be reclaimed, and the announcement will be made within the scope of the original announcement.

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