Breakthrough in core technology of ultra-precision processing equipment in China

The core technology of ultra-precision processing equipment that can control the minuteness of one millionth of a millimeter has made a breakthrough in China. On the 7th, this 11th Five-Year “863” project with China’s independent intellectual property rights—support technology for automotive crankshaft and camshaft follow-up grinding equipment—has passed state-level appraisal in Shangyu, Zhejiang. This is of great significance to improving the overall level of China's manufacturing industry.

The reporter saw at the production site of Zhejiang Sun Co., Ltd. on the site of the appraisal that the crankshaft servo grinding machine manufactured by this technology and the internationally advanced similar grinder machined the crankshafts of the same type at the same time. At the scene of the appraisal experts, the processing pieces were taken separately and compared with internationally recognized authoritative testing equipment. The result shows that the error of the neck of the connecting rod is only 0.0028 mm, which is the key index of the machining part of the machine tool. This accuracy is not only better than the 0.0042 mm error value of the comparative workpiece, but also exceeds the international advanced similar grinding machine. 0.003 mm accuracy standard requirements.

Professor Lei Yuanzhong, an expert in ultra-precision machining and an honorary director of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, said that at present, only a few countries in the world control related core technologies. Through the breakthrough of originality, China has mastered the core technology of this ultra-precision processing equipment, which has great practical significance for promoting the development of the machine tool industry and improving the overall level of the manufacturing industry. Wang Rongqing, chairman of Zhejiang Sun Co., Ltd., said that the machine tool has the characteristics of high precision, long life, and low cost, and its selling price is less than half that of similar imported machine tools, and it is cost-effective. It can be widely used in the upgrading of traditional grinding machines.

The reporter learned from the interview that the research was listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the National High-Tech Research and Development Program ("863") in 2008 and was successfully conquered by Pan Xuhua, a distinguished professor at Zhejiang Normal University, and his team. The technical results can be widely applied to the machining of various mechanical power and transmission systems.

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