China's "New Farmers" Rise in China's Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] With 7 million people returning to their hometowns, China's rural areas are becoming a hot spot for the Nuggets. The "farmers" are no longer "facing the yellow earth and facing the sky", but have become a lot of enviable careers.
Internet "big bang" looks to the countryside
At the first National New Farmers New Technology Entrepreneurship Innovation Expo held from November 9th to 12th, there were Internet giants such as Jingdong, Suning and Alibaba. One Internet singer described his identity: "I am a New farmers."
Internet companies showcase their online platforms for big data technology, smart logistics and agricultural products. The speeding up of the rural layout by Internet companies has not only benefited themselves, but also opened up the sales of “souvenir products”.
Taking Suning as an example, the online Suning Tesco platform has opened 316 local Chinese specialty pavilions, providing more than 200,000 kinds of agricultural products, and building more than 2,100 direct-operated stores offline, with sales of 6 billion yuan. The same), benefiting 2 million agricultural population. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holding Group, pointed out that Suning uses data technology to drive agricultural production and operation and sales services, thus effectively connecting the supply and demand sides of agricultural development.
Wang Haibo, Chairman of the Net Library Group, said that the Net Bank Group is cooperating with the local government to build a national agricultural industry Internet platform with distinctive agricultural industries in each district and county, and to form a wholesale agricultural product industry network with a focus on wholesale. Currently, 240 county platforms have been opened. In the future, it will cover 600 counties.
Rural youth entrepreneurship "Xintiandi"
Xiaoyu, who grew up in the Huairou mountainous area of ​​Beijing, resigned and returned to his hometown this year. She became a "small owner" and began to promote the promotion of agricultural products in her hometown through the network and e-commerce sales platform. Gao Xin, a Qingdao-born boy born in 1990, also quit his job and opened an online shop to sell seafood products. The annual income is nearly 300,000 yuan.
In addition, there are many young people at the exhibition. They have come from colleges and universities, have researched a number of agricultural science and technology innovations, or started their own companies, building agricultural Internet of Things, machinery management, agricultural technology services and other technologically innovative agricultural enterprises. .
Agricultural "big family" transformation and then getting rich
"This year we have won more than one billion orders." Zhu Libin, chairman of Taizhou Luwochuan Agricultural Co., Ltd., who just won the prize in the 2017 National Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation Project, told reporters that building intelligent plant factories and automation Technological innovations such as soilless cultivation and “air strawberry cultivation” have given him a real sweetness.
Zhu Libin began to develop modern agriculture in 2011. According to him, his company's vegetable planting technology can harvest 12 to 18 seasons of vegetables per year, and 200 mu of land can harvest 1,000 acres of land, greatly improving planting efficiency. “Our equipment and technology are well received by the surrounding areas of Beishangguang, where land is scarce. I believe that these new agricultural technologies will have a broader market in the future.”
The peasant Shi Xinfa, who started a family farm in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, also won the competition. The tomatoes he cultivated can prevent the common "white blight" of tomatoes, and the selenium content of tomatoes is increased by 19 times. This "high-tech" tomato The price is three times more expensive than ordinary tomatoes. “The new tomato seedlings I cultivated are well received by the market and are in short supply. There are tens of millions of yuan in revenue every year.”
Nowadays, a series of initiatives such as mass entrepreneurship innovation and “Internet +” are in the field of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. The total number of new agricultural business entities in China has reached 2.9 million. Han Changfu, the Minister of Agriculture of China, said that China's rural areas have become a vast world of entrepreneurial innovation, and there is much to be done.

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