China launched a fully independent intellectual property high-power Euro III engine

China's first 10 liter, 12 liter high-power Euro III engine with completely independent intellectual property rights has been prototyped by Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and will be officially put into production. This will change the core technology of China's engine industry subject to change. It marks the beginning of China's internal combustion engine manufacturing into an era of independent innovation. Tan Xuguang, the representative of the National People's Congress and the chairman of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., who is attending the "two sessions" in Beijing, announced on the 13th that the basic performance and indicators of the 10 liter, 12 liter high-power Euro III engine of Weichai. Has reached or exceeded the level of advanced products of the same type abroad.

The industry believes that the successful development of this key technology will have a profound impact on China's automobile industry and machinery equipment manufacturing industry, indicating that China's machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises have obtained the same starting opportunities as foreign companies on the Euro III platform. The successful development of this product is about three years ahead of the timetable for the national implementation of Euro III emission standards.

The high-power Euro III engine introduced this time was named "Lanqing WP10/12" by Weichai Power Co., Ltd. Tan Xuguang said that the new naming indicates that this series is not a transformation based on the introduction of digestion, but a new key technology and independent brand with independent intellectual property rights.

Ni Hongjie, chairman of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, said that the research and development and production capacity of high-power heavy-duty engines are an important indicator of the core technical capabilities and market competitiveness of the internal combustion engine manufacturing industry, representing the overall level of a national machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. The product replacement and upgrade from the Euro II high-power engine to the Euro III high-power engine can be said to be a technological revolution in the internal combustion engine industry.

The predecessor of Weifang Diesel Engine Factory was the arsenal established before the liberation. In recent years, Weichai Power will improve its independent innovation capability as the central link for the enterprise to promote structural adjustment and technology upgrade, and continuously invest more than 2 billion yuan to carry out large-scale technological transformation. At present, Weichai Power's 10-liter engine has the largest annual output in the world. Last year, Weichai Power's sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, becoming the first large-scale enterprise in China's internal combustion engine industry to exceed 10 billion yuan.

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