China Machine Tool Urgently Needs Technological Innovation to Strengthen International Competitiveness

China Machine Tool Urgently Needs Technological Innovation to Strengthen International Competitiveness Foreign machine tools are flooding into the Chinese market. For now, the gap between China's machine tools and foreign machine tools in terms of reliability, digital manufacturing, and key components still exists. The Chinese machine tool industry urgently needs technological innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the international market, and innovation will become a machine tool. The main mode of profitability of the industry.

(1) Improving the ability of independent innovation Focusing on improving the independent innovation capability of machine tool companies, combining technological innovation with market demand and technological transformation, strengthening technological innovation during technological transformation, and then achieving a virtuous circle of innovation-technology reform-innovation; The company's core competitiveness. Strengthen the construction of industrial technological innovation system, guide the establishment of an industry innovation system that focuses on machine tool companies as the mainstay, market orientation, production, learning, research, and use, and support the development of key common technologies that are urgently needed for industrial transformation and upgrading, and have broad prospects for the introduction and development of the market. New technologies with high technological content and good product efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to establish diversified input mechanisms such as government, enterprises, research institutes and related educational institutions, and to take measures to constantly increase investment in independent technological innovation. Focus on brand building, vigorously implement the brand driving strategy, and focus on supporting the development of brand products with high technological content, high added value, and potential market.

(2) Accelerate the development of talents Establish and improve the distribution system and incentive mechanism that closely link with the work performance, encourage innovation and creation of talents, and explore the establishment of a paid transfer system for talent capital and scientific research results. Encourage machine tool companies to attract international and domestic outstanding scientific and technological talents through various forms. Gradually implement the professional manager system and agency system, strengthen the training of machine tool business managers, and create a team of machine tool entrepreneurs who understand management and good management. Strengthen the forecast of the demand for industrial and technical talents and speed up the cultivation of advanced skilled workers in production, construction, and service.

(3) Cultivating leading machine tool companies and stimulating industrial transformation and upgrading Vitality leading enterprises have strong directionality, demonstration, orientation, and radiating drive in industrial development, product quality, machine tool enterprise management, and are leaders in industrial transformation and upgrading. Can promote the development of the same, similar and related industries. Therefore, we must fully support and nurture the leading enterprises in featured industries so that they become the core of industrial progress and stimulate the vitality of industrial transformation and upgrading. Adhere to the principle of strengthening education and attracting talents at the university and attracting the students, focusing on guiding, serving, and supporting the development of leading enterprises in leading industries. Encourage leading companies to adopt multiple methods, restructure and transform the upstream and downstream enterprises supporting them, separate some matching parts and specific production processes, and form and develop a group of specialized supporting enterprises.

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