Chuangwei has me: Zhumadian Agricultural Machinery Bureau accurate force

[China Agricultural Machinery Network Supervision News] At present, the agricultural machinery system in Zhumadian City has hardened nearly 400 meters of roads, painted more than 5,000 square meters of walls, and cleared more than 1,000 small advertisements of "psoriasis".
Recently, the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Zhumadian City held a meeting of the directors of the company, analyzed the problems existing in the recent work of “creating the health”, and re-examined and re-arranged the work of “Chuangwei”, requiring the municipal direct agricultural machinery system to further unify the thinking and improve Cognition, exertion, and lack of traps, once again set off the climax of "creating the health".

Chuangwei has me: Zhumadian Agricultural Machinery Bureau
highly valued. The bureau requires the principal responsible persons of all units of the system to check the weak links existing in the current “creative health” work item by item, check the loopholes, attack points and make up the gaps. All the second-level units should promptly convey the spirit of the meeting and encourage the “Chuangwei” personnel who are fighting in the front line to continue to maintain high morale and gather all human, material, financial and energy resources to “create the health” and make greater determination. Stronger strength and more enthusiasm are invested in the work of “creating the health”.
Refine measures. The main person in charge must take up the duties of the responsible person, set the person, set the post, set the responsibility, focus on the attack, carry out the rotation type, carpet inspection, track the effect, and form a refined management pattern from horizontal to side and vertical.
Strengthen rectification. Organize the staff on duty to do the task of on-duty on the sub-contracted section, insist on not resting on Saturday and Sunday, and urge the store to do a good job of “three guarantees” in front of the door, clean up all kinds of illegal banners, billboards, and “psoriasis” advertisements. The damaged pavement, naked loess, lack of green belt and wall falling off of the family's academy were repaired and maintained, the environmental rectification and sanitation of the community's family's hospitals were strengthened, and health education propaganda columns were hoisted to ensure that the daily Nissan was cleared and the rectification was highlighted. Hygienic corners, clean up old garbage.
(Original title; City Agricultural Machinery Bureau concentrates on attacking and then smashing "Chuangwei" climax)

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