Electric Power Project led by China Electric Power Research Institute passed inspection

China Instrument Network Instrument R&D On November 7, the “basic experimental research on out-of-plane insulation of power transmission and transformation equipment under special climatic conditions” undertaken by the China Electric Power Research Institute successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Grid Corporation of China.

The project aims to solve the problem of aging of composite insulation materials along the surface discharge of AC-DC power transmission equipment under special climatic conditions such as pollution, heavy rain, ice coating, and high altitude, and high-ultraviolet and high-ultraviolet aging. Leaded by China Electric Power Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power, and State Grid Sichuan Electric Power participated in the research.

The UHV DC test base and the Tibet High Altitude Test Base are the main research sites for the project, and the basic experimental study of the flashover voltage correction coefficient for the UHV/UHV high-voltage Umbrella line insulators under two actual altitude conditions is completed. , Obtained the pollution flashover characteristics and elevation correction coefficients of commonly used insulators, proposed the selection of insulators; completed the evaluation and analysis of the performance of AC-DC composite insulators operating in high altitude areas, and the long-term electrified aging performance tests of composite external insulation in high altitude areas. The relationship between hydrophobicity, hardness and running time of silicone rubber was obtained, and the influence of the differences in silicone rubber formulation on the long-term aging performance of composite insulators was revealed; the relationship between the ice state and voltage distribution and the ice flash voltage of series UHV AC-DC insulators was completed. The relationship between the ice flash voltage and the bridging degree of ice coating was obtained, and a method for evaluating the state of ice over insulator strings was proposed; the rain flash characteristics and prevention measures of super/ultra high voltage AC bushings were completed; and high-voltage bushings under dirty conditions were proposed. Artificial rain test method and rain flash characteristics, given rain flash recommendations Type.

The umbrella-elevation flashover elevation coefficients of the umbrella-shaped large-tonnage insulators, the aging characteristics of the composite insulators at high altitude, the ice-flashover characteristics of the insulators, and the characteristics of the large-casing umbrellas have been successfully applied in the Harbin-Zhejiang, Zhejiang-Fuzhou, Ling-Shao, etc. The UHV AC/DC project and the Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet, and Yushu-networked UHV projects have achieved the safety and economy of the external insulation of the project, and can also guide the design and construction of China's super/UHV power transmission and transformation projects. The high-altitude parameters obtained by the project are the first time at home and abroad and have accumulated valuable data for future revisions of relevant international standards.

(Original title: Fundamental Experimental Research Project for Out-of-Face Insulation of Power Transmission Equipment under Special Climate Conditions Passed Acceptance)