· FAW Dongfeng Changan cooperation entered the project promotion stage

On March 9, China First Automobile Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Project Promotion Meeting and Project Approval Launching Ceremony was held at Dongfeng Company Headquarters, officially launching the first stage of manufacturing field 6 A cooperative project, which marks the beginning of the strategic cooperation of the "national team" of China's auto industry, and gradually advances in depth.
Qiu Xiandong, deputy general manager of China FAW, Liu Weidong, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Company, and Luo Minggang, vice president of Changan Automobile, attended the meeting. Han Xinliang, director of China FAW Development and Manufacturing Department, Liu Guoyuan, deputy chief engineer of Dongfeng Company, and director of science and technology engineering department, Chen Wei, director of Changan Automobile Manufacturing and Logistics Department, and Zhang Jinsong, director of Changan Automobile Technology Department, signed on behalf of the three parties. Liu Guoyuan presided over the meeting.
It is understood that on December 1, 2017, FAW, Dongfeng and Changan signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Subsequently, the tripartite strategic cooperation was divided into 13 large groups to carry out their work, among which the cooperation in the manufacturing field took the lead and started at the forefront. On December 19, 2017, the three parties held a workshop on cooperation in the field of manufacturing cooperation. On January 15, 2018, China FAW Development and Manufacturing Department, Dongfeng Company Science and Technology Engineering Department, Changan Automobile Manufacturing Logistics Department and Technology Department signed the “Manufacturing”. Field Cooperation Framework Agreement. According to the guidance of the "Framework Agreement on Manufacturing Sector", the three parties established a cooperation promotion organization in the manufacturing field. After joint discussions, six project topics in the first phase were proposed and a project team was formed.
The six project topics are: steel-aluminum hybrid body manufacturing technology and process research, car engine thermal spray technology research, industrial big data service innovation and application for automotive manufacturing process, new energy passenger car plant planning and design specifications High-strength steel thermoforming technology application research, construction of FDC independent brand excellent production methods. At the meeting, the leaders of the six project teams reported in turn, including: the status quo and trend research of the professional development, the necessity and rationality of the project development, the organization and operation mechanism of the project, the main research content, and follow-up Application plan, and a phased work plan.
Qiu Xiandong, Luo Minggang, and Liu Weidong put forward opinions and suggestions on various projects, and at the same time affirmed the speed of advancement of the cooperation projects in the manufacturing field and the arrangement of topics. Qiu Xiandong hopes that the six project teams will maintain an open mind, do not retain, go all out to enhance their manufacturing capabilities, and hope that the three parties will strengthen research and explore more cooperation projects in the manufacturing field. Luo Minggang suggested further clarifying the operational mechanism of the existing six projects to facilitate the project's landing, and hoped that the three parties would deepen exchanges and cooperation under the strategic cooperation framework agreement and achieve results. Liu Weidong said that the launch of the cooperation project in the three-party manufacturing field has provided reference for cooperation in other fields. He said that the strategic cooperation between the three parties is of great significance. He hopes that the three-party cooperation cooperation office will continue to strengthen ties, fully trust, strengthen complementary advantages, and actively promote the existing first phase of six issues as planned, and explore more manufacturing fields. Cooperative projects ensure that cooperation takes root.
In order to promote the cooperation between the three parties in equipment and factory planning, the conference also arranged Dongfeng Equipment Company and Dongfeng Design and Research Institute for the development history and current business situation.

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