Four car companies already knew that Takada airbag defects are still delayed for several years.


According to foreign media reports, according to three class actions filed in Miami Federal Court on March 14, GM, Fiat Chrysler (FCA), Volkswagen, and Mercedes have long understood the problems of Takada airbag inflators, but they have implemented them. It was a matter of years after the recall.

Up to now, Takada has caused 22 deaths worldwide and more than 180 people have been injured in airbags, causing the largest recall in the history of the US automotive industry. According to statistics, 19 automakers need to recall 42 million vehicles. For Takata, the problematic airbag scandal not only brought criminal lawsuits and fines, but also forced them to apply for bankruptcy protection.

The three class-action lawsuits this time suggest that the automaker chose Gaotian Gas Generator because its cost is lower than other products using different chemical substances as fuel. Three class prosecutors’ chief lawyer Peter Prieto pointed out: “These car companies have long known the security risks of Takata Airbags, but they still disclose it to the public several years before they take action.” Prieto believes that these cases are “taking them to bear An important step in responsibility."

The class action lawsuit cited some of the previous documents concerning other car companies and Takata. The plaintiff stated that the above-mentioned car companies already knew that the Gaotian gas generator was flawed at the time of testing, but still delayed the action. Among them, the most serious allegations against GM. Takada documents show that as early as 2003, GM expressed concern about the risk of generator rupture.

In an exchange with Takata in April 2003, GM expressed concern about "ejection variability." "Ejection variability" means that when the airbag is deployed, it may be under-inflated or it may explode. According to the lawsuit, a general engineer put forward a proposal for insufficient testing, humidity control, and Takada Factory's failure to meet common standards. A lot of questions. Even if Takada did not give satisfactory results later, GM did not start the recall until June 2014. The lawsuit states that "the defendant has not made a meaningful investigation on the matter or notified the relevant regulatory authorities and consumers."

According to the lawsuit, there were many quality disputes between the public and Takada and they refused to accept the products even after the review. However, the public did not start the recall until 2016. According to company e-mails, the Daimler Group also had doubts about the integrity of the Gastian gas generator as early as 2003; in 2004, Mercedes engineers agreed to use the Takata Gas Generator on the basis of abandoning key performance parameters; It was also in 2016 that the recall began. Although the FCA expressed its concern at the beginning of the 21st century, it did not start the recall until 2014.

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