· From the 31st onwards, Huizhou officially implemented the motor vehicle country V standard

It was learned from Huizhou Environmental Protection Bureau that Huizhou will officially implement the fifth phase of national motor vehicle air pollutant emission standards from December 31, 2015. The relevant person in charge of the Huizhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the relevant models can be inquired by the public through the motor vehicle environmental protection network.
Among them, the light-ignition engine vehicles that are sold, registered and transferred in Huizhou should meet the emission control requirements in the national emission standard “Light Vehicle Pollutant Limits and Measurement Methods (China Phase V)”. Huizhou will also Stop selling, registering and transferring to vehicles that do not meet the above requirements.
In addition, the heavy-duty compression-ignition engine vehicles for the public transport, sanitation, and postal industries that are sold, registered, and transferred shall comply with the national emission standards, "Compressed Combustion-Type, Gas-Fuel Ignition Engines, and Automotive Exhaust Pollutant Emission Limits." Phase V emission control requirements in Measurement Methods; at the same time, discontinue sales, registration and transfer to vehicles that do not meet the above requirements.
When the above-mentioned standards are officially started, motor vehicles that do not meet the national V emission standards shall not be registered and transferred to the city for change registration and transfer registration.

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