GAC Hino's "Safety & Provincial Fuel Driving Experience Camp" - Shanghai Shentong Training Program Successfully Completed

Since 2009, Shanghai Shentong has purchased more than 400 Guangqi Hino tractors. It is the largest "mobile signboard" in the express delivery industry of GAC Hino. Due to the timeliness of the express delivery industry, the reliability requirements for vehicles have become higher and higher, and the high attendance rate of GAC Hino vehicles has been well received by STO Express subsidiaries. For this trust, GAC Hino has given customers real confidence and support with high-quality products, sincere service, and tailored TS (all-round customer support). From March 22nd to 23rd, Dong Zean, the head of Guangqi's Hino Service Department, led a total of 4 people from the training group to Shanghai Shentong headquarters to carry out two training sessions in the “Safety & Provincial Fuel Driving Experience Camp”.

The two trainings are divided into theoretical training and practical training. In the course of theoretical training, the training team conducts in-depth explanations on the characteristics of Shanghai Shentong vehicles in light of vehicle characteristics, vehicle usage precautions, safety & fuel-saving driving skills of GAC Hino. The participants listened with relish and actively raised their opinions. In response to the participants’ views, the training lecturers gave explanations one by one.

Subsequently, the training team carried out daily vehicle inspections, vehicle use instructions, emergency response handling, and daily vehicle use precautions during the training. Chen Shengang, manager of Shanghai Shentong Management Department, emphasized the importance of safe driving. GAC Hino also introduced blind spot driving training for the first time. The students followed the pace of the lecturers and grasped every opportunity in the practical operation. They tried to learn more and gain more from this rare training opportunity.

Shanghai Shen Tong Chen paid great attention to this training and went to the scene personally. He asked each driver to study hard and act as a trainer at the scene. His teaching and learning experience imparted his experience to the driver.

After the training, Mr. Chen fully affirmed the training and asked the team managers to implement the results of this training into the operation and management of the vehicle. At the same time, Chen expects that the vehicles of Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and Hino can help Shanghai Shentong's business. The bigger the company, the more hope that Shanghai Shentong will be sincerely united with GAC Hino and make progress together.

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