Horse Tyre Asia Pacific's first training center to use

The training center is located in the Hefei High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, adjacent to the German brand tire production base and R&D testing center, and covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters.

The training center is equipped with a series of high-end equipment designed to provide professional tire knowledge and skills training for German brand tire partners to meet their practical needs in the business.

Horse brand German horse tire experience center opening ceremony

As another outstanding large-scale project of German horse brand tires in Anhui, the investment of the German brand tires training center exceeded 20 million yuan.

At this point, including the completed passenger car and two-wheeler tire production base and R&D and testing center, the total investment of German horse brand tires in Anhui is about 5 billion yuan.

Nikolai Setzer, member of Continental's executive board and global president of the tires division, said that in such a thriving market in China, the company's tires are dedicated to the integration of all aspects of the business value chain, production, research and development and professional training. With the training center put into use, the horse has achieved a phased goal.

He mentioned that uniform training is an important part of the success of German brand tires. This will assist the expansion of German horse tyres in the Asia Pacific region.

Feng Hefei, executive vice president of the company's passenger and light truck tire replacement division in Asia Pacific, said that with the completion of the training center, the company will further deepen the understanding of retail partners about their business model, strengthen business skills, and enhance consumer satisfaction. .

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