How to eliminate five types of manual truck failures?

Manual vans are used as simple logistics handling equipment. They are widely used in warehousing, logistics, workshops, factories, etc. As manual vans work for a long time and goods are transported, it is inevitable that there will be some problems such as: At high altitudes, the oil spill, the fork descends, and the fork cannot descend. The emergence of these problems has also had a significant impact on the efficiency of cargo handling. How should the failure of the van be eliminated?

For any equipment, machine, or machinery used, frequent maintenance is required. Of course, manual vans are no exception. Regular maintenance is to provide tools with a longer service life and provide more value for the company. Let's outline the troubleshooting of manual vans:


Fault description

the reason



Spreads to less than high heights

- insufficient hydraulic oil

- Refueling


The fork cannot be raised

—No hydraulic oil

- impure hydraulic oil

- Adjust the nut too high or adjust the hex nut table close to cause the release valve to open

- Air in hydraulic oil

- Refueling

- Change hydraulic oil

- Readjust the nut or adjust the hex nut

- discharge air


The fork cannot drop

- The piston rod and cylinder are damaged due to the fact that the cargo is placed sideways or overloaded

- The forklift is in a raised position for a long time to expose the piston rod and rust, impeding the piston movement

Not in the right place

— Replace piston rod or cylinder

- Lower the fork stand to a low position when not in use, pay attention to timely lubrication of the piston rod

- Readjust the nut or adjust the hex nut


Oil spill

- seal aging or damage

- Some components are broken

- Update

- Update


Fork descends

- The impure hydraulic oil causes the disc valve not to close

- Some parts of the hydraulic system are broken or damaged

- Air mixed in hydraulic oil

- The seal is aged or damaged

- Adjust the nut or adjust the hex nut is not in the correct position

- Change oil

- Check and replace

- Exclude air


- Readjust the nut or adjust the hex nut

Note: Do not repair the hydraulic truck by yourself without special training.

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