Huangshi Section of the Yangtze River has caused a large number of unexplained dead fish to be suspected of causing excessive emissions from nearby chemical companies.

This reporter (Reporter Yang Yang) reporter from May 13 in Huangshi City, Hubei Province City Council Environmental Protection Bureau was confirmed: May 10 morning, the Yellow River section of the Yangtze River from the Cesai to the estuary wind wave port near the lower reaches of 3 km along the river, A large number of unexplained dead fish floating on white are floating. Some villagers along the river in Huangshi City have already sold 'problem fish' from the surface of the river to the market at an ultra-low price.
On May 11th, Zhou Jianwei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial CPC Committee and Deputy Governor of the CPC, immediately gave instructions to the environmental protection, fishery administration, and health departments of Hubei Province and Huangshi City to find out the cause of dead fish as soon as possible and handle it in a timely manner. On the same day, the staff of the Hubei Provincial Fisheries Administration rushed to the scene in time to stop the villagers from salvaging and organized experts to investigate the 'problem fish'. On the 13th, Zou Hongjun, deputy director of the Party Committee Propaganda Department of Huangshi City, Hubei Province, said in a telephone interview with reporters that experts suspected that the cause of the death of a large number of fish may have been exceeded by Huangshi Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shuailun Paper Co., Ltd. Caused by sewage. However, preliminary analysis data provided by the environmental protection department of Huangshi City showed that: the content of hexavalent chromium in the water sample did not exceed the standard, and only the ammonia and nitrogen content exceeded the standard. However, relevant experts from Hubei Environmental Protection Bureau and Fisheries Environmental Protection Monitoring Center questioned the results. To this end, relevant experts from Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and the Fisheries Environmental Monitoring Center have brought the 'problem fish' and pollutant samples back to Wuhan for further analysis and analysis.

According to reports, on May 12, the Huangshi Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice and ordered Huangshi Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shuailun Paper Co., Ltd. and other related companies to stop production. Before the cause of the death of the 'problem fish', it could not be started. produce.

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