Internal and external domestic auto parts industry seeks to break through

On November 30, 2012, Bosch opened its second production base in China in the National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Qingdao. In the first half of the year, it also established an automotive electronics joint venture with Chery; another European auto giant Valeo It has already established 22 factories in China. In addition, Magneti Marelli recently signed a joint venture with two domestic companies. The new company will manufacture components for automobile exhaust systems in China, and will provide technical advice, assistance and other after-sales services to automobile manufacturers in the Chinese market. service.

Some experts pointed out that foreign auto parts production companies have accelerated their investment and distribution in the Chinese market. The main purpose is to expect high input to usher in high returns and demonstrate their confidence in the future Chinese auto market. Despite the slowdown in the growth of China's auto market and the gradual increase in competitive pressures, most foreign auto parts companies still believe there is much room for development in the Chinese auto market.

In an interview with reporters, Li Yuheng, a senior research fellow at China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., said that in view of the global auto market, almost all are in a state of sluggishness, and China’s auto and parts and components markets have not escaped this status quo. Affected by the geographical and population of our country, with the development of the economy and the improvement of the income level of residents, the development of automobiles and parts in China still has a very broad space. At present, parts and components companies can still find profits in technological innovation and unbalanced regional development.

However, it is worth noting that foreign-invested parts and components companies have entered in large numbers and will make domestic parts and components companies face challenges. "Foreign-funded parts and components companies have obvious advantages in terms of capital, technology, and scale, and their entry into local companies will cause significant competitive pressure, and the market share of local companies will be squeezed," said Li Yuheng.

It is reported that this year, the bleak overall automobile market has also led to the downturn in the auto parts industry, the overall profitability of the industry fell, the industry survival and development of enterprises difficult. At the same time, domestic parts and components companies are relatively disadvantageous in terms of research and development capabilities and technological levels. Their products and markets are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, and their involvement in the high-end market is relatively small.

Well-known car commentator Jia Xinguang also pointed out that compared with foreign advanced auto parts companies, domestic auto parts companies have relatively weak independent development capabilities, especially in automotive electronics and electronically controlled mechanical parts with high technological content. There is a serious shortage of product development and innovation. Some of the "autonomous technologies" claimed by some auto parts companies are copied and lack core technologies.

However, Li Yuheng stated that under the stimulus of "the wolf is coming," local companies will inevitably increase their vigilance, increase their R & D investment, change their operational management, and enhance their competitive strength. They will also focus on the development and control of channels and further consolidate Expand the market.

Li Yuheng pointed out: "The impact of foreign auto parts companies is mainly on the technical barriers. The breakthrough of local companies must also firmly grasp the core technology." He suggested that, on the one hand, the local parts companies need to concentrate resources and strengthen research and development efforts. Efforts will be made to upgrade the technological level; on the other hand, the expansion will be achieved through the acquisition of auto parts and components companies that are in difficulties in surviving abroad, so as to achieve the goal of rapid access to technology. At the same time, local parts companies can also achieve the goal of learning and upgrading their technological capabilities by seeking cooperation with powerful foreign companies.

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