Introduction to MKA8612H CNC Spline Shaft Grinder

MKA8612/H CNC spline shaft grinding machine is the latest CNC special grinding machine developed by Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., which is suitable for automobile, tractor, aviation, military, machinery and tool manufacturing industries. This machine is a special grinding machine. In addition to grinding ordinary rectangular splines, it can also grind special splines with special complex curved shapes such as involute, cycloid, arc, triangle and so on.
Since the involute grinding is possible, the machine can also grind the spur gear. And the number of grinding teeth can be unlimited, which can make up for the lack of certain gear grinding machines in this respect. If several gear trains are ground together on one mandrel, the grinding efficiency can be greatly improved. Therefore, this machine tool can replace the processing of some CNC gear grinding machines, and the price of the products is lower than that of some CNC gear grinding machines, which can reduce the production cost for users and reduce the import and save a lot of foreign exchange.
The machine tool can grind the workpiece diameter of 25-125mm; the maximum installation length of the workpiece is 1500mm; the maximum grindable length of the workpiece is 1300mm; the repeating positioning accuracy of the grinding head is. 2mm; the indexing accuracy is 10"; the surface roughness of the workpiece after processing is Ra0.8n; the flat length of the key side to the axis and the parallelism between the adjacent key sides are both 0.01/300. MKA8612/H CNC spline shaft grinding machine The overall layout is the worktable mobile type, the workbench is mounted on the flat and V sliding guide rails of the front bed, and the servo motor is directly driven by the elastic diaphragm coupling and the ball screw. The guide rail of the worktable is attached. Teflon plastic strip. Lubricated oil is applied to the sliding guide rail for lubrication. This grease-applied plastic slide guide has a small coefficient of friction, which ensures that the table does not creep when moving at very low speed. In order to reduce the surface roughness and improve the machining accuracy, a high-precision indexing head is installed on the left side of the table to index the workpiece. The indexing action is that the servo motor transmits a pair of high-precision through the first-stage gear. The spherical worm gear is driven to drive. The spherical worm gear has the characteristics of multi-tooth contact, good wear resistance, high transmission precision, long-lasting precision and stable operation. Its indexing error is 10" repeat positioning error is 2" With CNC indexing, it is possible to achieve indexing at any angle. The minimum setting indexing unit is 0.001°. The column is mounted on the back bed. The column is equipped with a high-precision linear rolling guide with preloading. The pallet is installed in the The linear rolling guide drives the grinding head together for the vertical feeding movement. The carriage is driven by the servo motor through a pair of worm gears and then the transmission ball screw. Since the worm gear has a self-locking action, even the servo motor Without the brake device, the carriage will not slide down in the event of power loss, ensuring the safety of the machine.
The grinding head adopts the form of electric spindle. The main shaft is equipped with imported high-precision rolling bearing. It has compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance. It can be steplessly regulated under the control of the inverter, so that the grinding wheel speed can be adjusted freely when different grinding wheel diameters are selected. To achieve the required grinding speed. Since the maximum speed of the electric spindle reaches 12000 rpm, when the outer diameter of the grinding wheel is 200 mm, the linear speed of the grinding wheel reaches 125 m/s, which enables high-speed grinding and lays a foundation for high-efficiency grinding. Even the deep-cutting and slow-feeding grinding method can directly form the cogging on the optical blank once, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
The two-axis CNC digital diamond wheel dresser is installed above the grinding head, and the grinding wheel can be trimmed at any time. The diamond roller is mounted on a high-precision spindle and driven by an AC motor for high-speed rotation. The movement of the diamond roller in both the horizontal and vertical directions is achieved by two servo motors driving the respective carriages directly through the respective ball screws. Both layers of pallets are mounted on a rolling linear guide.
The four moving axes of the whole machine adopt high-precision ball screws. The guide rails are high-precision rolling linear guides and plastic guide rails, so the friction resistance during transmission is very small, which greatly improves the transmission accuracy and sensitivity. It also improves the stability of the movement. It plays an important role in improving the machining accuracy of the entire machine tool.
The overall rigidity of the machine tool will directly affect the grinding accuracy. For this reason, a number of measures have been taken in the design to improve the rigidity of the machine tool. Firstly, the structure and ribs of the bed structure are reasonably arranged to make it have high rigidity. In addition, the frame design is used for the column structure, so that it has high structural rigidity and ensures the process. The amount of deformation is small. In the design of other parts and components, we also pay full attention to the rigidity of the machine as much as possible. Therefore, the overall rigidity of the machine tool has reached a high level.
The 840D five-axis two-link CNC system controls the indexing of the indexing head and the feeding of the two axes of the table, the carriage grinding head and the dresser, and cooperates with the built-in PLC program controller of the CNC system to perform the fully automatic grinding cycle of the machine tool. And the wheel is automatically trimmed. At the same time, SIEMENS840D is an open CNC system for secondary development of special software, mathematical model of complex curved surface is established, and software programming is carried out. Through the control of numerical control system, automatic dressing of complex curved grinding wheel and grinding of workpiece are realized.
The software development of this project is completed by the MMC103OEM development environment that comes with SIEMENS 840D. It mainly realizes the user interface setting work, and plays a bridge between the user program and the numerical control system. It can design a suitable interface according to specific needs. Embed a user-developed program into the system.
(Continued from page 35) Management facilitates the user's daily maintenance and management of the knowledge base. The database management provides normal and abnormal data to the user equipment. The user can also manage and maintain the data. The inference engine performs data according to the running data of the device. Reasoning, combined with the condition analysis and diagnostic module for fault diagnosis.
The remote network server is an extensive fault diagnosis and treatment system, including the CNC machine tool equipment assembly factory after-sales service center server, accessories to provide enterprise technical service center server, the same type of CNC machine tool equipment use enterprise technology center server, regional network diagnosis center server and superior department Technical service center server, etc. On the basis of monitoring and diagnosing the server, the long-distance transmission of data is realized through the Internet, so that the remote expert system, especially the technician of the CNC machine tool assembly factory, can participate in the diagnosis and processing of the local equipment, which facilitates the timely and off-site coordination of the CNC machine tools. Diagnosis to compensate for the lack of domain knowledge of a single diagnostic system to improve the reliability and intelligence of CNC machine tool fault diagnosis.
4 CNC machine tool equipment remote fault diagnosis system operation mode Field data acquisition system, field data collection workstation supports daily equipment condition monitoring and common fault diagnosis. When there is an unsolvable fault, the diagnostic center expert system of the monitoring and diagnosis server is requested. The diagnosis and diagnosis results are transmitted back to the on-site data collection workstation. When a more serious fault occurs, the monitoring and diagnosis server conducts multi-party consultation through the expert system and domain experts of the Internet and the remote network server, and transmits new diagnostic rules through the Internet. Monitor the diagnostic center's diagnostic center expert system to ensure timely resolution of equipment failures. Diagnostic centers can take advantage of the Internet and open expert systems to enable self-learning of diagnostics. The remote network server can also timely transmit new information to the client according to the actual situation, so that the user can acquire new resources in time, and efficiently complete the maintenance service tasks of the system and the device.
The requirement of safety cycle reliability of CNC machine tools forces the maintenance mode to shift from the traditional maintenance mode to the forecasting and active maintenance mode to avoid large faults in the equipment. Establishing a network-based remote fault diagnosis system is effective in solving the problem. method. At present, there are still some difficulties in the application of intelligent diagnosis system for CNC machine tools. There are also technical problems worthy of discussion and problems to be solved, including the problems to be solved by the fault diagnosis technology itself and the problems of network technology and computer software technology. However, it is achievable to realize the remote fault diagnosis of CNC machine tools accurately, timely and effectively by means of the Internet and its application technology.

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