Kexun teaches everyone how to handle waste wire and cable

With the continuous improvement of living standards, waste wire and cable recycling has gradually developed, so what are the classification of waste wire and cable recycling? How to recycle?
First, waste cable recycling classification
1. Retrieving commonly used electric accessories: cable terminal junction box, waste wire and cable handling method connecting pipe and terminal, intermediate cable box, steel wiring slot, cable tray, etc.
2. Recycling cable trays: General industrial and mining companies install indoor and outdoor overhead power cables, waste wire and cable processing control cables, and can also be used in telecommunication, radio and television and other departments to set up indoor and outdoor.
3, according to purpose can be divided into: bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wire, power cable, control cable, waste wire and cable treatment shielded wire, communications cable, radio frequency cable.
4. Recycling cable middle connector: The device that connects the cable with the cable conductor, insulation shielding layer and protective layer, so that the cable line connection device, waste wire and cable treatment method is called cable middle connector.

Second, waste cable processing methods
1. Manual peeling method: This method uses manual peeling, which is inefficient and costly, and the worker's operating environment is poor;
2. Incineration method: The incineration method is a conventional method that burns the plastic skin of the waste cable and then recovers the copper therein, but the resulting smoke pollution is extremely serious. At the same time, the surface of the copper wire is seriously oxidized during the incineration process. , reducing the metal recovery rate, the law has been strictly prohibited by all governments; waste wire and cable treatment methods
3. Mechanical peeling method: The use of wire stripping machine for processing, waste wire and cable treatment method still requires manual operation, is a semi-mechanized, labor-intensive, low efficiency, and is only suitable for processing large diameter cable;
4. Chemical method: The chemical method to dispose of waste cable technology was put forward in the 90s of the last century. Waste wire and cable treatment methods have been studied by some countries. China also conducted research during the “Eighth Five Year Plan” period. One of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that the produced waste liquid can not be processed and has a great impact on the environment, so it is rarely used;
5. Freezing method: The method of waste wire and cable treatment This method was also proposed in the 1990s. Liquid nitrogen was used as a refrigerant to make waste cables brittle at extremely low temperatures, and then they were broken and shaken to make plastics. The separation of the skin and the copper line segment, China has also made research during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, waste wire and cable treatment methods, but this method has the disadvantage of high cost, it is difficult to industrial production.

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