Knock Lighting Introduces VR System, Opens 3D New Experience in Lighting Terminal

Recently, Zhongshan Nok Lighting Co., Ltd. officially announced that it will introduce VR system in all markets across the country in April. It is the first high-end lighting brand that applies 3D super experience to the terminal after building materials and furniture. It is reported that Nock Lighting began to innovate the terminal experience as early as three years ago. It is felt that the traditional terminal experience in the lighting industry is not enough stereo and intuitive, and the traditional experience area and scene display can not meet the increasingly rich scene change needs of consumers. Knock Lighting will turn the direction of improvement into the mature 3D simulation scene display. And with the professional 3D technology development of the new company Shenzhen Sandu space to establish a strategic partnership, hand in hand, home improvement, lighting VR technology development and improvement work. At the Nok Lighting Spring New Product Launch Conference in mid-March this year, Knock Lighting officially announced that the Nock Lighting Terminal VR system was officially launched, and will be used in the end of April in Nock Lighting's various end stores. The reporter got an immersive experience of super-sensory in the experience area of ​​the venue. Through specific equipment and simple operation, the experiencer seemed to be immersed. It is understood that the current full-line startup of the terminal VR system of Nok Lighting has entered the countdown, and the final debugging is in progress. Consumers will soon get a different general experience in the Nock lighting nationwide terminal.

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