Know a little car "electricity" common sense driving safety assured

Regarding the safety of the vehicle's electricity, one of the maintenance engineers’ great advice is not to change the original car's circuit easily, because the original car's line uses wire rods that have passed the depot quality and specifications, and the R&D department of the depot has carried the wire's load and resistance. Heat, anti-aging and other indicators have been calibrated, including color labels for different uses of wire, are strictly regulated.

In many conversion shops without safety knowledge, the non-standard wire may be used in the construction process. The indicators of the wire cannot meet the current and heat-resisting requirements of the wire for vehicles, and the non-standard modification shops do not have even the most basic protection measures for melting. Set up, this brings a huge security risk to the vehicle.

If the wire bearing capacity is not enough, it will produce high heat, and even melt the wire insulation layer, resulting in short circuit and fire, which may cause auto-ignition accidents. Some wire rods have poor anti-aging ability. No abnormalities were found in the initial use. After some time, the wire insulation layer may crack or peel off. It may also cause short circuits and sparks. The same result may lead to spontaneous ignition of the vehicle.

Some tuners lack the basic knowledge of the color of the wire used in vehicles. After passing through their hands, the vehicle will bring a lot of trouble to technicians when they come in for future maintenance. Some manufacturers simply refuse to use vehicles that have been modified. Free warranty measures. Therefore, when advising the owner to modify the electric part of the car, he must first be careful, and then he must choose a regular conversion shop for construction.

The battery of the battery car is an important power supply device. Many factors will lead to a decrease in the service life of the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections so as not to suddenly strike the battery. The car may throw you halfway. Most of today's vehicles are equipped with maintenance-free batteries. There are basically observation holes on the maintenance-free batteries, and the state of the batteries is checked from time to time. If necessary, they can be charged or replaced in time. At the service station, there are special equipment to check the status of the battery and use it to know the condition of the battery at a glance.

In order to allow the battery to have a longer service life, it is usually necessary to minimize excessive consumption of it, for example, to avoid forgetting to turn off the headlights when leaving the car frequently, not to extinguish the engine and listen to the sound for a long time, if the vehicle has burglar alarms. The device minimizes its number of alarms. Through these bit by bit efforts, I believe that the battery will also pay off for your efforts.

Circuits and lights usually have a point to pay special attention to when washing cars. Don't use high-pressure water guns to flush the engine compartment. This will probably lead to water in the electrical connectors. Once the connectors are filled with water, the vehicles will not work properly. Maybe the owner will have to spend a maintenance fee.

The lighting of the vehicle is the basic guarantee of driving safety, and regular inspection is equally important. When servicing at the service station, the technician will perform a series of routine inspections for your vehicle, including inspections of the lights. You can also perform regular self-checks at regular intervals. You can turn off the engine of the vehicle, turn on the power, and hang it into the reverse gear. Then turn on all the lights in the vehicle, including double flash, front and rear fog lights, and high beam. Just turn around the car. On the previous lap, all lights except the brake lights can be checked again. The brake lights can be observed at any time through the three rearview mirrors inside and outside the car.

There are many electrical devices in the car that are inaccessible to the vehicle owner. These can be used to allow technicians to read the relevant data through the diagnostic computer when they go to the service station. The computer will display the status of these devices on the screen one by one. The diagnostic computer makes relevant settings for these devices so that their work is optimal.

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