Lushan Environmental Management System

I requested coal gangue hill governance of companies, from the material supply convoys as discharge refuse tasks, formulated the following management practices.

First, the squatting vehicle loading and unloading meteorites must be covered with tarpaulin, and it is strictly forbidden to throw it anywhere.

Second, the vehicles in the past must clean the car body with water, tires are strictly prohibited to bring mud and cinder into the planning area.

Third, equipped with sprinklers, carry out dust reduction work twice a day on Lushan and the road.

Fourth, dumping meteorites should have detailed procedures, and use bulldozers, loaders, and level the Lushan every day.

5. The sapphire dumping must cover a layer of loess of 0.5-1m thick every 3-5m thick to prevent spontaneous combustion and prevent the generation of harmful gases.

6. Lushan has a large area coverage every two months.

7. Designate a special person to monitor the situation of Lushan, strictly prevent the spontaneous combustion of the meteorite, and report the abnormal situation to the coal company's dispatch in a timely manner.

8. Covering the mountain to ensure that there is no dead angle, to ensure that the Lushan leveling and various indicators meet environmental requirements.

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