Maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeters in shutdown

Maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeters in shutdown

Electromagnetic flowmeters should also be watched for maintenance when they are not in use. This is because the instrument will malfunction if not used for a long time. We know that instrumentation has a longevity, and that the instrument will wear out during use. Reasonable maintenance can not only prolong the service life of instrumentation, but also improve the accuracy of measurement. It has far-reaching significance for instrumentation. The following is a brief introduction of the maintenance measures of the electromagnetic flowmeter in the stop state by the Guangzhou flowmeter manufacturer, Dichuan Instrument.

One, zero check and adjustment

Before the electromagnetic flowmeter is put into operation, the zero point must be adjusted when the electromagnetic flow sensor is filled with liquid static state. After the start of operation, zero-point check shall be performed for the use conditions to stop the flow regularly; in particular, for precipitation and easy-to-contaminate electrodes, non-clean liquids containing solid phases shall be inspected in the initial stage of operation to obtain experience and determine the normal inspection cycle. Electromagnetic flowmeters with alternating current excitation are more likely to produce zero drift than square waves, so inspection and adjustment are more important.

Second, regular inspection of sensor electrical properties

First, roughly measure the inter-electrode resistance of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Disconnect the signal between the sensor and the transducer. The sensor is filled with liquid. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the two electrodes and the ground. Is it within the specified range of the manufacturer and the measured values ​​are approximately the same. Record the resistance value measured for the first time. This value is useful for determining the cause of the sensor failure later, such as whether the deposited layer is conductive or insulating.

Secondly, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is vented to the liquid and the inner wall is cleaned. After completely dried, the resistance between the two electrodes and the grounding terminal is measured with a megohmmeter. Finally, check the insulation resistance of the excitation coil, remove the sensor excitation coil, connect the terminal to the converter, and use a megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the coil.

Are these maintenance methods available to you? Do not think that the meter does not pay attention to maintenance when not in use. This will only speed up the damage to the flowmeter.

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