[Meter's Latest Patent] An Anti-Theft Intelligent Water Meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduce a national patent for invention—an anti-theft smart water meter. The patent was applied by Tianjin Chenggang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and was authorized to be announced on March 9, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to the technical field of water meters, in particular to an anti-theft smart water meter.
Background of the invention
A water meter is a meter that measures the flow of water. Most of the cumulative flow measurement of water. It is generally divided into two types: volumetric water meter and speed water meter. The accuracy of the former is higher than that of the latter, but it requires high water quality, and the water is easily clogged when containing impurities. The meter recording the water consumption of tap water is installed on the water pipe. When the user discharges the water, the indicator or character wheel on the watch turns to indicate the amount of water passing through. The water meter was invented by British Klus in 1825. China's water meter use and production started late. The internal structure of the traditional water meter can be divided into three parts: shell, sleeve and inner core from the outside. The shell is cast from cast iron and the water passes through the lower annular space of the shell after coming out of the inlet. This is called the “lower ring room”. Above this annular space there is an "upper ring chamber" communicating with the outlet. At the bottom of the sleeve there is a filter with holes to filter out impurities in the water. There are two rows of upper and lower circular holes on the side of the sleeve. The position of the hole is exactly opposite the upper and lower rings of the housing. Obviously, the lower row is the inlet hole and the upper row is the outlet hole. It is particularly noteworthy that the two rows of holes are slanted along the tangential direction of the circle. Note the opposite direction of the holes in the top and bottom rows. Water flows in from the lower row of holes in a tangential direction, which is bound to create a rotating stream, which is very important for the work of the water meter. The inner core is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The upper layer is seen from the glass window, with only the pointer and dial. In fact, the most important thing is the lower layer. There is a plastic wheel on the wheel. There are many plastic blades on the wheel. The “impeller” is disclosed in the patent document CN201520606597.4. It discloses an anti-theft smart water meter, including the water meter body, The inlet pipe and the outlet pipe installed on the body of the water meter, the thickness of the lower wall of the inlet pipe is greater than the thickness of the upper wall, and the lower wall of the outlet pipe includes a first pipe wall and a second pipe wall, and the thickness of the first pipe wall is greater than the second The thickness of the pipe wall and the smooth connection between the two, the upper wall of the outlet pipe is provided with a sliding guide rail, a limit block a is installed at one end of the sliding guide rail, and a limit block b, a limit block a and a limit block b are installed on the partition board. A slider is provided in between.
The invention has simple structure, uses the kinetic energy of water to push the slider to realize anti-theft, the limiting block a and the limiting block b limit the movement of the slider in two directions, and avoids the phenomenon that the elastic body in the traditional anti-theft structure is deformed and affects the normal work. The cost is low, and the ratio of the sieve hole and the outlet hole on the filter screen plate is set to prevent impurities and foreign substances in the water from clogging the water hole. The stability is good.
Although the above-mentioned patents have the anti-theft water function, there is no technical solution to the problem of how to provide a smart water meter with easy disassembly and easy operation.
Summary of the Invention
In view of the deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention provides a smart anti-theft water meter, how to provide a smart water meter with easy disassembly and convenient operation.

The figure is a schematic structural view of the present invention
The technical solution adopted by the present invention is: an anti-theft smart water meter, including a water meter base table and a housing, a water meter base table is provided with a water valve, and a “T” type connecting rod is fixedly installed at the interface between the water inlet and the inner chamber of the smart water meter. A circular partition plate is arranged inside the housing; the circular partition plate is provided with a display screen, a microprocessor, a data comparison device, a signal output device, a signal receiving device and a limit bar, a display screen, a microprocessor, a data comparison device, The signal output device and the signal receiving device are sequentially arranged from right to left. The limit bar is fixedly disposed under the circular partition. Pressure sensors are provided on both end faces of the water valve, and a signal output device is disposed on one end of the valve. The controller, the water valve and the "T" connecting rod are connected through the iron plate, and the signal output device, the signal receiving device, the microprocessor and the display screen are electrically connected in turn, and the signal output device, the signal receiving device, the microprocessor and the data The comparison device and the controller are electrically connected in sequence.
The limit bar is fixedly positioned directly above the water valve. The exterior of the pressure sensor, signal output device and controller are coated with waterproof material. Both ends of the iron plate are provided with a round hole. The upper round hole is connected with the "T" type connecting rod through a screw, and the lower round hole is connected with the water valve through the roller. The water valve is a circular iron piece, and the diameter of the water valve is larger than the diameter of the nozzle. The circular partition is made of waterproof material and has a diameter equal to the diameter of the housing, and the circular partition is embedded in the housing.
The beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows: When the water flows through the water inlet to the water outlet, the pressure sensor on the water valve corresponding to the water inlet receives the pressure from the water flow as F1, and the pressure sensor on the opposite side receives the pressure at this time. The pressure is denoted as F2. The signal output device sends the data of the two pressure sensors to the microprocessor and is compared by the data comparison device. When F1 is greater than F2, the water valve rotates upward and the water flow can flow from the inlet to the outlet. The role of the position bar, the water valve and the water flow are kept parallel to reduce the resistance of the water valve to the water flow, and extend the service life of the water valve. Conversely, the signal output device on the partition plate acts on the controller installed on the water valve to make the water The valve is closed to prevent the occurrence of water theft.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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