Micro-seismic monitoring technology successfully developed to break foreign monopoly

China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development On February 17, the reporter was informed that micro seismic monitoring technology independently developed by PetroChina and Dongfang Geophysical has recently been selected as “China's Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in 2016”, marking an unconventional exploration of Eastern Geophysical Prospects. Add new weapon.

Microseismic monitoring is the use of geophone arrays placed in wells or on the earth's surface to collect microseismic waves induced by engineering fractures such as fracturing, water injection, thermal flooding, and waste storage, and to process and analyze microseismic signals. , time and intensity of occurrence to guide construction operations and early warning of disaster risks.

For a long time, this technology has been monopolized by foreign oil companies and has become a bottleneck restricting unconventional seismic exploration in China. In order to increase new energy exploration and development capabilities, increase unconventional exploration efforts, and break the bottleneck of exploration techniques in conventional areas, Oriental Geophysical Exploration focuses on unconventional exploration and scientific research forces, perseverance, and tackling difficulties. After years of unremitting efforts, it has conquered the optimization of speed models. Event identification, first-time pickup, on-site real-time positioning and other technical problems, developed a micro-earthquake real-time monitoring software GeoEast-ESP with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve integration of micro-seismic wells and ground monitoring acquisition, processing, interpretation, and unconventional The exploitation of resources and economy has an important guiding role and fills the domestic gap.

Micro-seismic monitoring technology in the collection, innovative micro-seismic source based on the mechanism, signal propagation effects, receiving conditions and other attributes of the micro-seismic event detection distance analysis method; in the processing of innovative VSP-based velocity model optimization technology, P-wave Joint fine-velocity model correction technology, micro-seismic event recognition and pick-up technology based on perforation signals, fusion of P- and S-wave time-difference methods, and micro-seismic positioning technology of multi-scale energy scans; innovation in the interpretation of fracture geometry based on ellipse fitting Descriptive technology, integrated interpretation of multidisciplinary data and microseismic natural fault detection technology.

Up to now, micro-seismic monitoring technology has been applied in a number of oil and gas fields, shale gas and coalbed methane blocks, completed well monitoring of more than 300 wells of nearly 20 users, and ground monitoring and well-site monitoring of more than 10 wells. The microseismic monitoring of more than 3,000 fracturing intervals has been implemented, providing powerful guidance for vertical wells, cluster wells, horizontal wells and other fracturing projects. GeoEast-ESP software has reached the international advanced level and has become the mainstream software for micro-seismic monitoring in China, improving its core competitiveness.

(Original title: Oriental Geophysical Microseismic Monitoring Assists Unconventional Exploration)

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