Mr. Xu Yueming Receives IEC/TC66 Expert's Highest Honor "IEC 1906 Award"

【China Meter Network Talent News】 Recently, the 2nd Inauguration Conference of National Laboratory Instrument and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee was held in Beijing. At the conference, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) granted the General Manager of Hangzhou Xuezhong Charcoal Thermostat Technology Co., Ltd., SAC/TC526 Committee Member and Deputy Secretary-General Xu Yueming, and the IEC/TC66 Expert Highest Honor “IEC 1906 Award” to recognize its Mr. Xu Yueming became the first laboratory instrument expert to receive this award for his outstanding contribution to IEC standardization work. Li Dongfang, Director of SAC International Cooperation Department, presented the award to Mr. Xu Yueming and encouraged Mr. Xu Yueming to continue his efforts in order to further enhance China’s influence in IEC work and substantially increase the quality of China’s participation in international standardization activities. Contribute to the level.

Mr. Xu Yueming award-winning photos

The IEC spoke highly of Mr. Xu Yueming. He believed that Mr. Xu Yueming is an expert of IEC/TC66/WG9 (Safety Technical Committee for Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Laboratory Equipment) and convener of the working group. It is IEC 61010-2-010 (for laboratory use. Special requirements for material heating equipment), IEC 61010-2-011 (Special requirements for refrigeration equipment) and IEC 61010-2-012 (Climate and environmental testing and other special requirements for temperature regulating equipment) standards development and revision Outstanding contribution.

Mr. Xu Yueming Certificate

The "IEC 1906 Award" was established in 2004 and is one of the three most important IEC awards. It was established in commemoration of the establishment of IEC in 1906 and is selected once a year to honor technical experts who have made outstanding contributions to the IEC International Electrotechnical Standardization. The "IEC 1906 Award" is nominated by the chairpersons and secretaries of the IEC technical committees. Each technical committee (including its sub-committee) can nominate up to five award-winning experts each year. The IEC Central Committee office will eventually review and award the awards. Since the establishment of the "IEC 1906 Award", a total of 43 experts in China have received this award, including 12 Chinese experts who won the "IEC 1906 Award" in 2015 (including one Taiwanese expert).

Mr. Xu Yueming expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Management Committee for their support in the IEC new project (NP) “Special requirements for climate and environmental tests and other temperature regulating equipment”. The foundation for the successful establishment of the standard is laid; the SAC/TC526 Secretariat and the Secretariat are responsible for the training and support of the Institute of Instrument and Meter Technology of the Machinery Industry for its own personal development; thanks to the long-term cooperation of all members of SAC/TC 526, IEC 61010-2- The 012 standard also embodies the wisdom and efforts of all SAC/TC526 experts. Mr. Xu Yueming finally emphasized: “In order to improve our influence in IEC work, substantively improve the quality and level of China's participation in international standardization activities, strict work style, persistence and modesty, study hard, and earnestly study is the key to success.”

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