Multifunctional engineering machinery products demand

Here, the so-called multi-purpose construction machinery refers to those machines that are mainly used for road construction and maintenance, cable laying, and stone extraction in small towns and rural areas. Such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, tillers, drag graders, tractor scrapers, pipelayers, cranes, breakers, crushers, cold planers, grab loaders, slope trimmers, High-altitude work trolleys, drilling machines, forklifts and tamping machines, etc. are based on excavators, loaders, tractors and automobiles and have been developed based on actual needs.

With the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, large-scale and extra-large-scale construction projects will not be cut off. With the large-scale development of the western region, the demand for multifunctional engineering machinery will increase. In recent years, the state has reduced the infrastructure projects, but the construction of various key projects and highways and railways has not stopped. It is predicted that the next few years will be the period of strong sales of our entire construction machinery, including multi-purpose construction machinery. The market is booming for multifunctional engineering machinery. The market demand for functional engineering machinery will be much greater than the demand for traditional excavators, loaders and other single-function engineering machinery.

The low-power agricultural wheeled multi-functional construction machinery is a wheel-type tractor converted into a construction machinery, and is an urgently needed product for farmland water conservancy construction. After several decades of development, China's construction machinery industry has begun to take shape, and the technology is maturing. Enterprises vigorously develop and produce this kind of product, which not only has subjective conditions, but also has objective conditions and has a broad market.

According to relevant experts, at present, except for Europe, America and Japan, basically no such special mechanical products are produced. The prominent feature of this product is that it is versatile, flexible, and inexpensive. At the same time, Asian countries have a large demand for multifunctional engineering machinery products.

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