Paiwa High-Temperature Heat Pump Continues to Gain Food Drying Market

Since 2012, Peiwo has successively seized Guangxi Beihai Shrimp Drying Project, Qinzhou Shajiang Drying Project, Dragon Boat Octagonal Drying Project, Nanning Dragon Fruit Drying Project, and Guilin Kangle People Rice Flour Drying Project. Including the momentum of the food drying market in Guangxi.

Text: In the food drying market, so far there have been many drying equipment, common drying equipment such as air drying, spray drying, fluidized drying, infrared drying, microwave drying and so on. With the intensification of energy consumption in China, in recent years, some new types of drying equipment have emerged. The heat pump drying has obvious energy-saving effect, good drying quality, convenient temperature and humidity control, small environmental pollution, wide application range, low operating costs, etc. Outstanding advantages, access to the government's vigorous promotion and market recognition.

“The drying market has broad prospects. After all, the high-temperature heat pump market has high added value, so the profit is very impressive, and because of this, many manufacturers are desperate to break into this market.” said Li Xianghong, chairman of Paiwo, but the high-temperature heat pump market There is a huge gap between the heat pump hot water market and the products. However, most heat pump companies lack the production experience of high temperature units. There are serious deviations in the selection of the unit process. Take compression heat pump drying as an example. The critical temperature should be much higher than the maximum condensing temperature. Only the material whose critical temperature is higher than the heating temperature may be used as the heat pump working medium. If the condensing temperature is close to the critical temperature, the throttling loss of the cycle will increase, and the heat pump work washing will drastically decrease. The condensing pressure of the working fluid is the highest pressure in the system, which affects the strength requirements of the heat pump system.

The first battle was successful

“The first food drying project I took over was successful, and Peiwo’s senior project engineer, Li Gong, took this opportunity to express his pride. In 2007, the Guangxi distributor took a pepper drying project, due to lack of technical strength, the dealer The company sought technical support from Peiwo, because it was the company's first drying project, the company attached great importance to it and dispatched senior project engineers to go to Guangxi to test it on the spot.The first step was to understand the chili drying process.The traditional drying program was to bundle first. Then on the coal fire, the other is the sun.The dry peppers obtained by these two methods are of poor quality and have many yellow shells, and they involve high labor intensity and high cost.

"After understanding the relevant situation, I began to design a drying experiment. First, the thickness of the peppers stacked on the drying plate should be as consistent as possible, preferably 20-30 cm. The second is the choice of hot air temperature, too high. The temperature is likely to cause damage to the nutrients in the pepper, and the hot air of the roasting pepper is better than about 65. After setting up the plan, the subsequent baking experiment is unexpected and the quality of the finished product is extremely poor.” Li Gong continued to talk about it later. After consulting with agricultural experts, it was learned that the original drying of chili peppers to the first time was 50%, which required stepping on piles and sweating, followed by a second drying after sweating. The main effect of stepping on pile sweating is to quench and make the pepper oil penetrate the surface. After drying, the color of the pepper is consistent, red and smooth, and promotes the moisture of the pepper to balance. After finding the cause, try again and eventually succeed.

Borrow a meeting to lead air energy

The victory in the first battle gave Paiva great incentive and decided to enter the determination in the drying field. After research and development of the unit, analysis of drying data, verification of small-scale experiments, the drying process and technical points of various crop products and foods have been mastered. Opportunity always favors prepared people.

In November 2009, the Guangxi Industrial and Agricultural Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Conference was held in Nanning. Paiwo was the sole sponsor of the air energy brand, and made keynote speeches and product presentations on behalf of the air energy industry. This is the first show of air energy in front of the leaders in charge in Guangxi, making these decision-makers who have little access to air energy to concentrate on learning relevant knowledge, recognizing the remarkable energy-saving effect of air energy, and directly attacking the key points. Governor of the second pulse.

Joint cooperation between manufacturers to achieve a win-win situation

In recent years, the drying market in Guangxi is in a stage of rapid growth, and the market has released a strong demand signal. Paiwo expressed its full efforts to enter the food drying market with practical actions, and together with the distributors to jointly create joint ventures and achieve a win-win firm determination.

In fact, this is indeed the case, and Peiwo's support for distributors in the field of food heat pump drying engineering is more about practical actions. For example, the Sausage Drying Project of Guangxi Yangxiang Food Group is a model project jointly constructed by Paiwo and its distributors. It includes the follow-up and communication between the pre-project and the customer, the project proposal, the production of the bid, and the project after the bid. The installation and other steps, Paiwo sent experienced sales staff, project supervision and guidance checks and checks, thus ensuring that the entire project can be completed with high quality and efficiency.

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