Pickup industry trends, gasoline plus T pickup has become a pickup trend

Some time ago, Jiangling Motors listed a 1.8T gasoline pickup from the Collection, which became the first domestic pickup truck equipped with a gasoline turbocharged engine. The birth of the 1.8T petrol pickup truck of the canon became a new hot topic in the domestic pickup industry, and this pickup truck will also become the vane of the domestic gasoline belt T engine. So, can gasoline and T pickups lead the wave of pickups?

In fact, after the exposure of the Jiangling Book 1.8T petrol model, Jiangxi Isuzu applied for a Ruimai 2.0T petrol pickup in the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This pickup is also the first petrol version of Jiangxi Isuzu. In addition to the above two models, Foton Motor recently officially announced that it will launch a 2.0T GDI gasoline version of the Lander pickup, and the pickup engine uses a German gasoline engine technology.

After the launch of three consecutive gasoline turbocharged engines in the segment, the domestic gasoline pickup truck was pushed to a new climax. In recent years, the sales of domestic gasoline pickup trucks and diesel pickup trucks have a great disparity. In 2015, sales of domestic gasoline pickup trucks accounted for only 32.3% of all sales, while the sales of diesel pickup trucks accounted for 67.7%. The lower sales volume of petrol pickup trucks was mainly caused by the user's habits of using cars, lack of domestic gasoline pickup trucks, and other reasons.

At present, the main engines of domestic gasoline pickup trucks mainly include the Mitsubishi 4G6 series engines, Toyota's 4Y series engines, and Nissan gasoline engines. Among them, Mitsubishi 4G6 series engines and Toyota 4Y series engines are the most common among domestic gasoline pickup trucks, and gasoline pickup trucks of most pickup trucks also carry Mitsubishi 4G6 series engines.

Recently, the power performance of the Mitsubishi 4G6 series engine and Toyota 4Y series engine is relatively low, which can satisfy the user's general daily-use car, but pickup trucks equipped with these powers are more likely to use pickup trucks than diesel pickup trucks for pickup trucks that often require load-pulling. Do not take any advantage. However, the new turbocharged gasoline engine launched in the second half of this year has a significant increase in power performance.

Baodian 1.8T petrol version, Tulu 2.0T GDI pickup truck and Ruimai 2.0T petrol version pickup represent the three types of gasoline pickup trucks in the future. They are American gasoline engines, German gasoline engines, and Japanese gasoline engines. Among them, the 1.8T GTDI engine uses the Ford Ecoboost engine technology; the Lander 2.0T GDI engine uses the pure German technology, and the first hard-core SUV from Futian is also equipped with the Savana; and the Ruimai 2.0T gasoline The pickup engine uses the Mitsubishi 4GK series technology, and this power is Mitsubishi's most advanced gasoline engine.

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