Pump & Valve Research Institute visited Hangzhou Steam Tech Co., Ltd. for special technology matching and negotiation

In order to further promote the technical exchanges and cooperation between Zhejiang and Japanese companies, the Zhejiang Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center held a special technology matchmaking consultation with Japanese Steam Tech Co., Ltd. on December 8th at Hangzhou Xingdu Hotel. Yang Guolai, Dean of the Pump and Valve Research Institute and Vice President Cao Chi together with Han Bangming, general manager of the Shacheng Granville Water Pump Plant in Wenzhou City, went to attend the Matchmaking. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yaowu, deputy director of the Zhejiang Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center. At the beginning of the meeting, Director of Steam Tech Co., Ltd. Miwa Mitsuo introduced two energy-saving technologies and products. The first item is "Refrigerant Liquefaction Enabling Device". The device is equipped with an α-HT device at the rear end of an outdoor unit of an air conditioner to promote the liquefaction of the refrigerant and achieve energy conservation. The second item is "STJ Steam Trap Valve". This product is used in the field of heat transfer for heat transfer by steam heat. By discharging the condensate in time, the leakage of hot steam returning from the furnace is minimized to save energy. After the meeting, the participants conducted detailed communication on technical and business issues through one-on-one negotiation.

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