Saudi to implement tire rolling resistance certification next year

Saudi to implement tire rolling resistance certification next year

A few days ago, it was learned from the 2014 China Tyre Analysis Conference that the Saudi Arabian Energy Efficiency Program Technical Association is considering adopting similar European Union rolling resistance certification standards. The proposed Saudi rolling resistance standard is divided into two parts: rolling resistance and wet grip.

Relevant personage of Hangzhou Weaving Standard Technology Co., Ltd. told that the certification standard will be implemented from 2015. Among them, the rolling resistance standard is GSO ISO 28580, and the test methods include four methods: force measurement method, torque method, deceleration method, and power method. The experimenter can choose arbitrarily; the wet road surface gripping standards are GSO ISO 23671 and GSO ISO 15222. The test tires were subjected to braking force on wet roads and compared with standard tires to obtain a wet road grip index.

It is understood that after the European Union's tire labeling law adopted the rolling resistance standard, other countries are also planning to implement or improve similar standards, such as South Korea, Brazil, Japan and the United States.

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