Shaanxi treatment of pollution and medicine see good effect a total of 2457 serious violations of the unit

This reporter (Reporter Tian Dongliang correspondent Wang Shihuan) The reporter was informed recently at the Shaanxi Province Working Party and Law Enforcement Supervision Working Conference that the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has carried out special environmental protection enforcement actions for 4 consecutive years, accumulating a total of 130,000 law enforcement inspection personnel and checking the pollution source units. More than 31,000 households have investigated and dealt with 2,457 serious violations and handled 122 persons responsible for the investigation, effectively curbing the rebound in pollution.
Shao Wenxuan, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, said at the meeting that environmental pollution problems in the energy and chemical industry base in northern Shaanxi, which focuses on the Fugu district, have achieved phase results, basically curbing blind construction of the carbide, ferroalloy, and coking industries and a lot of excesses. The momentum of emissions has led to the suppression and shutdown of 63 companies that are not in line with industrial policies, cessation of production and management of 219 households, and the suspension of the construction of 38 new projects. Of the 32 companies that have been spot-checked by the State Environmental Protection Administration, 7 have been closed down or banned, and 25 have completed rectification and significant progress has been made in pollution control.

The special rectification actions for the ecological protection of the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains have also seen initial success. Among the 792 enterprises that are listed as remediation targets, 749 have completed renovations, reducing wastewater discharge by 20 million tons annually and reducing waste discharge by 410,000 tons.

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Sharps waste is a form of biomedical waste composed of used "sharps", which includes any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin. Sharps waste is classified as biohazardous waste and must be carefully handled.

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