Shanghai Huizhong brand new business car is about to come out soon

Shanghai Huizhong New Commercial Vehicle Istana is Coming Soon In January 2004, Shanghai Huizhong’s new commercial car model, Istana, will be available soon. It will join the China Commercial Vehicle Matrix and will be placed in the field of commercial vehicles as Shanghai Huizhong and SAIC Group. High hopes for the strategic car, Huisman Istana will also launch a brand new practical commercial vehicle market. Huizhong Istana is a commercial vehicle model with the concept of "new pragmatism". It is both luxurious, comfortable and economical. With the price of domestic cars, passengers enjoy the benefits of imported cars. Shanghai Huizhong is a veteran automobile manufacturing company in China. Apart from being an important domestic heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturer, Shanghai Huizhong is also known for its production of car chassis systems. Shanghai Huizhong is currently the backbone supporting component of the chassis components of Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai General Motors. Today, Shanghai Huizhong brings together the technical strength of cars and commercial vehicles and joins hands with South Korea's Ssangyong to build China's new practical commercial vehicle, the Huizhong Istana. The Huizhong Istana, not only has an elegant and elegant appearance, but also has a passionate passion. Huizhong Yisitana is equipped with Mercedes-Benz M161E23 engine. This well-known engine inherits the fine tradition of the Mercedes-Benz engine and provides strong momentum for Istana. M161E23 engine displacement of 2.3L; rated power of 90kw/5000-6000rpm; maximum torque of 190Nm/2200-2800rpm; maximum speed of up to 150-160km / h, far more than other products in its class.

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