SZ-type water ring vacuum pump maintenance and repair of sound standards

1 zero, parts 1.1 The main body is complete, zero, parts safety cover complete and intact, the quality meets the requirements.
1.2 Control valve and vacuum gauge should be sensitive and accurate, and regularly calibrated.
1.3 Inlet and outlet valves and ancillary pipeline installation is reasonable, horizontal and vertical, non-blocking, no leakage, painted signs clearly meet the requirements.
1.4 The foundation, the pump base is stable and reliable, the anchor bolts and the bolts of each department are fastened and neat, which meets the technical requirements.
1.5 anti-corrosion, antifreeze facilities complete and effective, to meet the requirements.
2 running performance 2.1 equipment output should reach the nameplate, or to meet the normal production needs.
2.2 The equipment is well lubricated, the lubrication system is smooth and the oil quality meets the requirements. The bearing temperature does not exceed 75 ℃.
2.3 Equipment running smoothly, no vibration, loose, noise and other abnormal phenomena.
2.4 min temperature, pressure, speed, flow, current and other operating parameters to meet the requirements.
2.5 into the pump water suitable, smooth, stable, no-load vacuum of not less than 0.087MPa.
3 technical information 3.1 equipment files, overhaul and acceptance records complete and accurate.
3.2 equipment operation records.
3.3 equipment vulnerable parts drawings.
3.4 equipment operating procedures, maintenance and repair procedures complete.
4 equipment and environment 4.1 pump body cleaning, the surface no grease, dust and so on.
4.2 Foundation and the base surface and no water, waste and other debris and so on.
4.3 valves, pipelines, fittings, flanges and other places are not leaks.
4.4 Shaft leakage: packing seal not exceeding 15 per minute, mechanical seal no more than 5 drops per minute.

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