The role and characteristics of medical inverter power supply

The role and characteristics of medical inverter power supply

The inverter power supply allows the motor to run as a generator, convert the kinetic energy of the motor into electrical energy and send it back to the grid. The inverter power supply has a wide range of applications, among which there is a wide range of applications in the medical field. Today Xiaobian will mainly introduce medical power, hoping to help everyone.

The role and characteristics of medical inverter power The domestic medical equipment mostly uses 220V power supply. Due to various different types of medical equipment power requirements, the most used is a centralized power supply structure. That is, a centralized power converter produces the desired output voltage for various voltage levels. Due to its low cost, high efficiency, adjustable output voltage, low output noise, and fast dynamic response, it is very suitable for use in medical equipment. It is the most widely used power supply method for medical equipment. The medical device power scheme determines that the following issues need to be considered.

Safety and isolation are a major difference between common commercial power and medical power. Usually, except for some experimental analysis instruments, medical equipments are mostly installed near beds or operating tables. The distance from people and operators is relatively close, and the shells are often touched. There are a variety of strong and weak electrical components inside the medical device. If the isolation between strong and weak electricity or the insulation of the casing material is problematic, it can be very dangerous. In terms of safety testing, the power of medical equipment must be UL 60601-1, C-UL, EN60601-1, and other safety certifications. Input and output must be more than 4,000V isolation voltage, and requires low ground leakage current, in line with safety clearance requirements. For the high-power part, double insulation is required, and in particular, the part that may be in contact with the housing of the equipment must be reinforced with insulation design.

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Anti-electromagnetic Interference Ability To select or build a good power supply system for medical equipment, we must pay attention to improving the electromagnetic compatibility and anti-electromagnetic interference capability of the power supply. Mainly to consider from the following aspects: Design. PCB design and layout, the general power supply will contain some high-frequency signals, any printed wire on the PCB can play the role of the antenna, the length and width of the printed wire will affect the impedance and inductance, thus affecting the frequency In response, printed lines that pass DC signals in time also couple from adjacent printed lines to RF signals and cause circuit problems. Therefore, the medical power supply must be chosen from big brands and companies with strong R&D strength. These products can guarantee good quality in terms of design and production processes.

Shielding In order to suppress the radiation generated by the switching power supply and eliminate the influence of electromagnetic interference on other electronic devices in the medical device, the best way is to shield the magnetic field of the power supply and then connect the entire shield to the casing or the ground of the medical device. This is a way to do more with less.

At this stage of certification, the power supply for general medical equipment needs to pass the FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55011550226120461000 and other electromagnetic compatibility and immunity to electromagnetic interference tests. The selection of products to complete these tests not only ensures that there are no electromagnetic effects on other electronic components within the device, but also reduces the medical device development cycle and the time it takes to get to the market.

In addition to the development of multi-functionality, high detection and adjustment accuracy, medical equipment of size and high power density is also a development direction with smaller size and portability. This requires that the medical device power supply must have a higher power output with a smaller on-board area.

The centralized power supply products in the special application market are mostly standard outputs. Even if some power supply products can regulate the output through an external circuit, the adjustment range is not large, and the stability is also problematic. If you encounter low voltage, high current, or extremely high DC voltage, then you can use custom methods, but the price is quite high and customers can accept it.

Price The price of medical equipment has gradually become transparent due to the fierce competition. In particular, some home-sized medical equipment have become very popular and popular. So this requires an important component of medical equipment - power, must have a competitive price.

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