The scale of automotive aftermarket reached 300 billion in 2010

On December 1, the Western Development (10th Anniversary) Automotive Products Achievement Expo and the 2010 China Second Automobile Industry (Chengdu) Summit Forum were held in Shuangliu. Su Hui, executive vice chairman of the China Automobile Dealers Association’s tangible automotive market segment, said at the forum that the domestic automobile aftermarket market has reached 300 billion yuan in 2010.

“Currently, the most potential of the entire after-sales market is the used car market.” Su Hui said that at present, the fastest-growing domestic used car trade in Beijing, the sales ratio of new and used cars is less than 1:1. However, in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, the ratio is as high as 1:3.5. With the continuous enrichment of second-hand car brand auctions and online auctions, the rapid and rapid development of the used car market in China has come.

However, Su Hui also pointed out that there are still many problems in used car trading. "At present, China's used car market is only equivalent to Japan's development level of 30 years ago. Whether it is after-sales service and follow-up maintenance level, or the government's management response measures, it lags far behind the development of the sales market."

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