Train ticket QR code has been encrypted

Train ticket QR code has been encrypted Recently, there are net articles claiming that through the two-dimensional code scanning software, personal information such as names and identity card numbers hidden in train ticket two-dimensional code patterns will be revealed. According to a related person from the Ministry of Railways, the train ticket QR code has been encrypted and the ticket will now be scanned without personal information.

It is understood that with the Apple IOS system phone and Android phone, download and install five more well-known two-dimensional code scanning software on the train tickets in June and September this year to experiment. Although the mobile phone system is different and the software is different, the results all prove that these mobile phone software cannot read the train ticket QR code. However, last year's train ticket was leaked to varying degrees, such as the name display, 4 hidden or displayed in the ID card accurately list the train ticket number, departure time, and some software can even be fully interpreted by the passenger's ID card information. .

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Railways' Transport Bureau explained that at the beginning of the real-name system of ticketing, due to the compatibility of old and new software, the passenger identification information stored in the two-dimensional code was stored according to industry standard technology and could be read through the universal two-dimensional code. Software reads. Beginning this year, the nationwide unity of the passenger train ticket personal information has been encrypted and can only be read through railway-specific reading software, and its anti-counterfeiting capabilities have been improved.

Although the two-dimensional code of the train ticket is well-encrypted, the possibility of being cracked cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the relevant persons of the Ministry of Railways still reminded the passengers to properly handle the discarded train tickets.

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