Underground mining machinery construction process

Construction process:
Equipment: 1 set of splitting machine, cement expansion agent, auxiliary tool jack, iron shovel, crowbar, sledgehammer, trolley, etc.
Drilling: The hole diameter is 46mm, the drilling depth is only 35cm (the intermediate wedge extends 41cm), and the hole spacing is 50cm. When the rupting machine is working, in order to avoid damage to the intermediate wedge, the appropriate height should be pulled out.
Split: The split of each hole is only a dozen seconds. In the abnormal place, the thickened reverse wedge is also used to enlarge the crack and then split by the rupture machine.
Demolition: After the splitting is completed, it is necessary to use the crowbar to pry the large pieces of rock in time, or to move away best, to form a larger loose air surface for the next split operation.

(1), construction difficulty level construction method construction experience construction personnel construction safety hydraulic splitting machine without experience 1 person (single operation) no expansion agent requires a certain experience of more than 1 person (team cooperation operation) spray risk, strong alkali (2), the construction environment requires the construction method. The sanitary temperature in the hole is limited. The hydraulic splitting machine is not required. The general equipment has no expansion agent, and the water is not affected by temperature. The moisture is acidic, the salt is used, and the underwater cannot be applied. (3 ), construction effect construction method, static force rupture time, construction method, workload, hydraulic splitting, 480 tons, several seconds, sustainable 300M3
Expansion agent 50~100 MPa 1~48 hours Intermittent 10 M3
(4), construction cost, construction method, calculation method, cost element / M3
Hydraulic splitting machine 4KW×8 hours×1 yuan=32 yuan (8 hours rupture 300 M3) 0.1025
Expansion agent 20 kg / M3 × 2 = 40 yuan (expansion agent 2000 yuan per ton) 40
(5) In summary, compared with the expansion agent, the hydraulic splitting machine has the advantages of more convenient construction, wider application environment, higher crushing efficiency, better construction safety guarantee and lower use cost. The hydraulic splitting machine construction method is a more practical construction method that will replace the expansion agent construction.

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