What are the characteristics of mining explosives?

What are the characteristics of mining explosives?

(1) The explosion performance is good, and there is enough explosive power. It is best to adjust its power by simply changing the formula;

(2) The safety performance is good, and the flame sensitivity, thermal sensitivity, electrostatic sensitivity, mechanical sensitivity (impact sensitivity and friction sensitivity) are low, that is, the danger of mining explosives is low;

(3) It has a suitable detonation sensitivity to ensure that the detonator or the detonating charge can be used to detonate smoothly;

(4) With zero oxygen or near zero oxygen balance, the amount of toxic gas generated after the explosion must be within the specified range;

(5) The performance is stable and will not deteriorate during the specified storage period;

(6) Wide range of raw materials, simple processing technology, safe operation and low cost.

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