What are the general principles of flotation operations?

There are three general principles for flotation operations:

First, operate according to the quantity and quality requirements of the product;

The second is to operate according to changes in the nature of the ore;

The third is to maintain the relative stability of the flotation process, because only the stability of the process can achieve the stability of the process indicators.

Generally, the ore properties are relatively stable or have little change, and various operating conditions and process indicators should be kept as stable as possible. However, if the nature of the ore changes greatly and the original operating conditions are not appropriate, causing the index to drop, it is necessary to change various operating conditions. Based on years of production experience, China's flotation plant has summed up the “three-degree and one-standard” operation method. The so-called "three degrees", that is, accurately control the fineness of grinding, the concentration of flotation (mass fraction) and the pH of the pulp in the production process; "one quasi", that is, the flotation agent is given. Some flotation plants have also summarized some specific operational essentials in production practice, such as "three Qin, four quasi, four good, two timely, one does not move" operation method, "three diligence": diligent observation of bubble changes, diligence Concentration measurement, diligent adjustment; "four quasi": the preparation and addition of the drug is accurate, the grade change is accurate, the cause of the change is accurate, the amount of foam scraping is accurate; "four good": flotation and drug station Good contact, flotation and grinding are well connected, flotation and sand pump are well connected, mixed flotation and separation flotation are well connected; "two timely": timely problem research, problem solving in a timely manner; "One does not move": Do not tamper with the flotation machine gate, these operating experience has also achieved good results. Of course, these experiences are obtained under specific conditions. In actual application, they should be adopted according to the actual production of the factory.

The SDRFL Cast Version Inline Hydraulic Filter is designed according to international regulations. It consists of a two piece Filter Housing with a bolt-on cover plate. Inlet and outlet positioned at the same side or opposite side.

Filter Element

Filter elements are validated according to ISO test standard, with the following pressure stability values: 

BN/HC: 25 bar P/HC: 10 bar
Wire mesh( W/HC ): 30 bar V: 30 bar

It can be used for mineral oils, lubrication oils, non-flame fluids, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable fluids.
For water or other application, please contact us.     
                                                                         RFL Cast symbol

                                        RFL filter dimension2

Cast Version Filter

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