What should we pay attention to when we are on the upslope in the small tonnage sprinkler

The main function of the sprinkler is to help the plant watering, transporting water, etc., so the place it travels in addition to the flat road surface, there may also be more complex terrain such as mountains and slopes. Many people in water tankers filled with water are worried about water leakage when they go uphill, so they pay special attention and care. So, what should we pay attention to when small-tonnage sprinklers go uphill?


Small tonnage sprinklers should pay attention when climbing uphill:

1. On steep slopes, the driver needs to use the appropriate gear position to run in accordance with the actual slope of the ramp. Do not start a large gear at the beginning. This will cause the engine to lose it. The motivation. If you find that the power of the engine of the small tonnage sprinkler drops during the driving process, it is necessary to make a downshift in time. Do not force it down, otherwise it will cause the problem of stalling and stalling. At this time, the vehicle stops on the uphill but it is very dangerous. .

2. If the timing of shifting is missed, it will be necessary to use a step downshift to remedy the situation; if the shift fails or if the engine stops, the parking brake and service brake must be used to park the vehicle. Hold it down and call a rescue phone for help.

3. If the slope of the uphill slope is too steep, the forward power of the sprinkler is insufficient, which makes climbing difficult. It is recommended that the amount of water carried be sprinkled to reduce the weight and allow the vehicle to walk faster. If the climbing time is long, the driver must not be too impatient. He must wake up to 120,000 minutes in the process of driving and steer the vehicle steadily and effectively so that the engine can maintain the right motivation to walk and eventually reach the end; Can make a comprehensive understanding of the working status of the water temperature gauge, to avoid the engine temperature is too high, affecting the normal use.

What should be noticed when a small tonnage sprinkler goes uphill? Small tonnage sprinklers are advised to pay more attention to this knowledge when climbing uphill, so that they can safely drive uphill and will not happen. Any security accident will not affect the amount of water in the vehicle.

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2,Enquiry/order required information

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Enquiry/order required information

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