Working principle and advantages and disadvantages of roller crusher

The working principle of the roller crusher : the two rollers are driven by two motors and rotated in opposite directions. The ore is fed from the upper part and the crushing is carried out in the gap formed between the two rolls. Since the use of multi-metal mine smooth roll face, so crushing effect mainly by crushing, grinding and some incidental effect (in the case of the tooth surface by chop main effect). The broken material is discharged by gravity. The crusher is characterized in that since the material passes through the middle of the two rolls and is only pressed once, the over-grinding phenomenon is less.
The roller crusher has the advantages of simple structure, compact and light weight, reliable operation, low price and convenient maintenance, and the crushed product has uniform particle size, small crushing, and fine product size (can be broken to 3.0 mm or less). Therefore, it is suitable for the treatment of brittle materials and small-scale plants (such as tungsten ore) containing clay and sticky materials. The main disadvantage of the roller crusher is its low processing capacity.

Rubber Thread Covering Machine is for covering the rubber wire, latex wire by yarn in various specified single or dual layered wires and suitable for producing the weaved and elastic chiffon. The machine with frequency-varied and speek re-gulating device is for adjusting the ingot's rotation speed and aving up the electronic volume.

Rubber Thread Covering Machine

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