Xiamen guides shipbuilding companies to leverage leasing and leasing business to boost shipping industry

The financial leasing industry has become an effective channel for financial capital to serve the real economy. On July 17, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone held a docking meeting for the ship financing leasing business, which was intended to guide shipping companies to implement market development and risk control through financing leasing, and boost the Xiamen shipping industry.
Ship finance lease refers to the lessor's contribution to the shipyard to purchase the ship and lease it to the lessee. After the lease expires, the rent payment is completed and the lessee fulfills the full obligations, the ownership of the ship is transferred to the lessee. Ship financing leasing has solved the problem of financing of shipping companies, which is an inevitable trend in China.
It is understood that Xiamen ship financing leasing is still in its infancy. The eight financial leasing vessels registered with the Xiamen Maritime Safety Administration since 2015 are all operating in Shanghai and Tianjin. The purpose of the ship financing leasing business matchmaking meeting is to create a new platform for the docking of capital and projects, to alleviate the problems of financing difficulties in financing and the fragile capital chain of the shipping industry, and to use the business model of after-sales leaseback and second-hand ship leasing to drive the shipowners. The company's structural adjustment, to capacity, to inventory, reduce costs.
It is reported that the Xiamen Free Trade Zone will promote the development of Xiamen's ship leasing industry through the use of registered capital incentives, purchase and rental subsidies, performance subsidies and other inclusive measures, as well as targeted measures for the introduction of ship leasing.
In recent years, Xiamen City has actively implemented supply-side reforms and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the port industry around the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road” and the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Relevant information shows that in the whole year of 2015, the cargo throughput of Xiamen Port was 210 million tons, the container throughput was 9.18 million TEUs, ranking 17th in the world, and the total number of “Maritime Silk Road” routes has reached 41.


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