ZDL-M axis current monitoring device for water conservancy and hydropower development

ZDL-M axis current monitoring device for water conservancy and hydropower development

The monitoring system of hydropower stations generally uses instrument monitoring to monitor the harmonic currents generated by the rotation of the generator shaft. Microcomputer remote control RT

U as a data acquisition equipment, power station only as a data acquisition and transmission unit to release information to the dispatch center, most

Both monitoring and control actions need to be done manually, with low levels of automation. With the improvement of the level of automation in the power system, traditional electricity

Station monitoring system can no longer meet the requirements. Water conservancy and hydropower development ZDL-M axis current monitoring device in addition to data acquisition and information to the dispatch center, at the same time to achieve graphics

, curve, report processing and other capabilities. Strengthen the management of transformer operation mode, adjust the load and increase power factor and other measures to reduce the cost of transformer operation. Hydropower plant automation monitoring component of the development, production, sales, service in a professional manufacturer - Xi'an Lan Tianhengyuan Hydropower. The main products are: ZKZ-3T tooth plate pressure residual speed monitoring device, DEV-T vibration swing monitoring device, ZDL-M axis current monitoring device, SWJ-1/2 water level monitoring device, SYM hydraulic pressure pulse monitoring device, SWJ- 3 Water head monitoring device, JDS shear pin signal device, DYK guide vane opening meter, WP-D temperature inspection instrument, ZYB pressure transmitter controller, WKD level transmitter controller, ZWB temperature transmitter controller, MSL Magnetic wire level transmission controller, WYS-G angle transmission controller, WYS-W opening degree transmission controller, YHX oil mixed water signal, TCS-Z flow transmitter, TCS-K flow switch, UXJ Magnetic flap level gauge, JTK level switch, LSQ automatic self-cleaning water filter, DCF23 electromagnetic air valve, and other automated monitoring and control components.

ZDL-M axis current monitoring and protection device Axis current monitoring device uses a high-performance MCU as the core control component to form a controller. A hollow-core transformer is used as the axis current sensor to monitor the shaft current generated by the large shaft of the hydro-generator unit. The single-chip microcomputer monitors the change value of the shaft current sensor in real time. The value is linearly related to the large-axis current. After the filtering and numerical conversion processing, after confirming that the shaft current exceeds the setting value, the shaft current monitoring device outputs a secondary alarm signal. The device uses four seven-segment LED as the display unit, parameter setting, real-time display clear and intuitive. At the same time, the ZDL-M axis current monitoring and protective device axis current monitoring device can output the 4~20mA analog signal corresponding to the standard axis current (0~5A) to meet the measurement requirements of the computer monitoring system.

Second, characteristics

â–  High-performance microcontroller as the core control component, with good reliability;

â–  The single-chip microcomputer can intelligently process the value, and the alarm contact of level 2 is output. The setting value of the alarm contact can be arbitrarily set within the range of measurement, and it is flexible and convenient to use;

â–  The shaft current sensor adopts a half-ring structure and is easy to install;

â–  Using LED as man-machine interface, the value of axis current parameter and device state are clear and intuitive;

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