Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association established

On February 16, the inauguration meeting of Zhejiang Provincial Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association was held in Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel.

The establishment of the provincial-level Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association began in early 2005 with the meeting of the leaders of the Zhejiang Petrochemical Backbone Enterprises and Professional Association. At the meeting, corporate representatives all pointed out that the functions of the current government management enterprises are gradually weakening. Due to the lack of channels, communication between most enterprises and the government is not smooth, resulting in disorderly industry management. On the one hand, the government's requirements for the development of the industry cannot be reached in a timely manner. On the other hand, issues that arise during the development of the industry cannot be reported to the relevant government departments in time and cannot be noticed and helped. Therefore, the establishment of a provincial-level comprehensive trade association will set up a bridge for mutual communication between enterprises and governments, different professions in the industry, and between enterprises and enterprises. It is very urgent and is in line with the requirements of market economy development. of. The company’s appeal attracted the attention of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission leaders. In February 2005, relevant departments of the Economic and Trade Commission of the province formed the Preparatory Group for the Association. After a year of meticulous preparations, the establishment of the industry association was successfully held.

It is understood that so far, the Association has absorbed about 170 member units. Ye Zhixiang, chairman of Juhua Group, was elected as the first president.

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